Rotor-X Low-Flow Paddle-Wheel Flow Sensors

Measure low flow rates down to 0.3 ft/second
  • Eliminate cavitation and minimize pressure drop
Measure low flow rates in almost any size pipe. These sensors contain an open-core rotor with a small magnet in each of the four blades. As they rotate, the magnets pass a Hall effect sensor, which generates a linear frequency output that is proportional to the flow velocity. This signal travels up to 1000 feet without amplification.
The open-core design eliminates cavitation at flow velocities from 0.3 to 20 ft/second. Closed or solid paddle-wheel designs create air bubbles at these velocities, causing a nonlinear and nonrepeatable signal.
Sensor materials resist most chemicals. All models have PVDF rotor and Viton® O-ring; and include a 25-ft connecting cable.
ROTOR-X low-flow sensors are compatible with all of our line-powered flow indicators, accumulators, and controllers. Mount in any type of pipe. Order installation fittings separately.
$571.00 - $1,011.00USD / Each

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Pipe Size Wetted Materials
Availability Pricing
GF Signet 3-2536-PO Rotor-X Flow Sensor, PP/Ti/PVDF for 0.5-4" Pipe
Always in Stock
EW-32500-00 Mfr # 3-2536-P0
1/2 to 4" Polypropylene, Titanium, PVDF
$571.00USD / Each
GF Signet 3-2536-P1 Rotor-X Flow Sensor, PP/Ti/PVDF for 5-8" Pipe EW-32500-02 Mfr # 3-2536-P1
5 to 8' Polypropylene, Titanium, PVDF
$603.50USD / Each
GF Signet 3-2536-V0 Rotor-X Flow Sensor, PVDF/Hastelloy/PVDF for 0.5-4" Pipe EW-32500-10 Mfr # 3-2536-V0
1/2 to 4" PVDF, Hastelloy C, PVDF
$1,011.00USD / Each
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