Sartorius Cubis (MSA) Micro and Ultra-Micro Balances with Color Touchscreen

Top-of-the-line technology with outstanding operating convenience and display quality, especially for complex applications
  • Tiltable and removable touchscreen featuring a high-resolution color display
  • Short measurement times result in time gained—for every single measurement
  • 7-place balances are ultra-micro balances and 6-place balances are micro balances
  • If you don't see a Cubis configuration that fits your needs, please contact us
Sartorius Cubis Ultra-Micro and Micro Balances are high-precision balances designed to weigh the smallest sample quantities (less than 10mg) and offer the highest level of safety by providing uncompromising reliability of weighing results and conformity to standards.

•DM models have a motorized glass draft shield that is perfect for fast and effortless handling of small sample sizes and the intelligent learning capability for the draft shield door allows adaptation to every workflow
•DF models have a special stainless-steel filter draft shield to optimize for ultra-precise weighing
•Operator guidance when leveling is required—interactive prompts guide a user to quickly and properly position the spirit level by indicating which leveling foot to turn and in which direction
•Features isoCAL, a fully automatic calibration/adjustment function
•Draft shield and weigh pan can be quickly and easily disassembled and cleaned
•Protected against dust and water

The MSA series also adds;

•Built-in USB, 25-pin RS232C, Ethernet communication and integrated SD card reader
•Q-Guide: Wizard-supported user/task management for easy operation and programming
• Advanced Pharma Compliance via user/password management, audit trail function, alert messages and reminder functions

•Applications include: Basic weighing, weighing in percent, averaging (animal weighing), mass unit conversation, counting, formulation, density determination, totalizing, checkweighing, second tare memory, individual identifiers (IDs), calculations, statistics, time controlled functions
$22,033.53 - $36,704.75USD / Each

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Calibration Type Capacity (g) Description
Availability Pricing
Sartorius MSA2.7S0TRDF Cubis Ultra-Micro Filter Balance 2.1gx0.1µg EW-11229-28 Mfr # MSA2.7S0TRDF
Internal 2.1 Cubis Ultra-Micro Filter Balance 2.1gx0.1µg
$36,704.75USD / Each
$41,230.00USD / Each
Sartorius MSA2.7S0TRDM Cubis Ultra-Micro Balance 2.1gx0.1µg EW-11229-29 Mfr # MSA2.7S0TRDM
Internal 2.1 Cubis Ultra-Micro Balance 2.1gx0.1µg
$35,774.45USD / Each
$40,185.00USD / Each
Sartorius MSA6.6S0TRDM Cubis Micro Balance 6.1gx1.0µg, Motorized Glass Draft Shield EW-11229-30 Mfr # MSA6.6S0TRDM
Internal 6.1 Cubis Micro Balance 6.1gx1.0µg, Motorized Glass Draft Shield
$28,314.20USD / Each
$31,805.00USD / Each
Sartorius MSA3.6P0TRDM Cubis Micro Balance, 1.1/2.1/3.1g EW-11229-31 Mfr # MSA3.6P0TRDM
Internal 3.1 Cubis Micro Balance, 1.1/2.1/3.1g
$22,033.53USD / Each
$24,750.00USD / Each
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