Sartorius MA37 and MA160 Moisture Balances / Analyzers

The MA moisture analyzers can be used for quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances
  • User-friendly programming operations with onscreen icons
  • Space-saving design conserves valuable bench top space
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Display of process status
The Sartorius MA-Series of moisture balances features two infrared metal tube heating elements with a compact footprint and user-friendly design. The BetterClean® design provides for effortless cleaning of all critical instrument parts. The concise touch-screen display panel with easy-to-understand icons guide user through the operation and retrieval of important information. The display panel also features status light that quickly indicates to the user where in the measurement process the sample is. Other features include Mini USB interface, direct data transfer to Microsoft® Windows programs and LED-illuminated sample chamber

The moisture analyzer monitors the drying process and stops the measurement once the sample weight is constant. The built-in weighing system with 1 mg resolution is specifically optimized for use in higher temperature ranges and delivers high measurement accuracy. Typical applications of the MA include the analysis of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper materials and environmental protection products

The MA37 offers memory for a one moisture analysis program. Results are saved until the start of the next measurement.

The MA160 is ideal for quality control and research and development. With fully automatic endpoint determination that eliminates the cumbersome task of capturing the termination criteria. The MA160 moisture analyzer monitors the drying process and stops the measurement once the sample weight is constant. The advanced assistant software allows the user to develop new methods for the analysis of different samples, up to 100 methods can be stored. The MA160 also features a built-in performance test that gives you the option to verify the unit is operating properly. Other features include SD card method of importing and exporting function, internal memory that saves the results of the last 999 measurements and automatic detection of the Sartorius printers.
$3,432.00 - $4,329.60USD / Each

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Sartorius MA37-1 Infrared Moisture Balance - Analyzer, 70G/1mg EW-11213-01 Mfr # MA37-1US
70 Infrared 0.001
$3,432.00USD / Each
$3,900.00USD / Each
Sartorius MA160-1 Infrared Moisture Balance - Analyzer, 200G/1mg EW-11213-03 Mfr # MA160-1US
200 Infrared 0.001
$4,329.60USD / Each
$4,920.00USD / Each
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