Sartorius Tacta® Single-Channel Pipettors

Superb comfort with effortless volume adjustment and locking
  • Achieve reliable results with the calibration adjustment for various fluid types
  • Hold comfortably with the ergonomically designed handle
  • Autoclave fully without disassembly for quick and easy cleaning
This premium mechanical pipette has the Optiload feature in both single-, and multichannel models for light tip loading with perfect tip sealing. The Optiject soft-tip ejection feature detaches the tip in a smooth, controlled manner. Optilock’s dual-function volume lock offers protection against accidental volume changes.
Use the easy-to-read, four-digit volume display to set exact volumes. Different volume options are color-coded for quick selection of corresponding pipette tips. Safe-Cone filters (included in models above 10 μL) protect against contamination. These pipettors are made of materials which have high chemical and UV resistance to ensure a long life span.
$450.00 - $466.00USD / Each

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Color Code Max Volume (µL) Min Volume (µL)
Availability Pricing
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729010 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 0.1 to 3 µL EW-24505-32 Mfr # LH-729010
Gray 3 0.1
$450.00USD / Each
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729020 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 0.5 to 10 µL EW-24505-33 Mfr # LH-729020
Gray 10 0.5
$466.00USD / Each
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729030 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 2 to 20 µL EW-24505-34 Mfr # LH-729030
Yellow 20 2
$466.00USD / Each
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729050 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 10 to 100 µL EW-24505-35 Mfr # LH-729050
Yellow 100 10
$466.00USD / Each
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729060 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 20 to 200 µL EW-24505-36 Mfr # LH-729060
Yellow 200 20
$466.00USD / Each
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729070 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 100 to 1000 µL EW-24505-37 Mfr # LH-729070
Blue 1000 100
$466.00USD / Each
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729080 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 500 to 5000 µL EW-24505-38 Mfr # LH-729080
Green 5000 500
$466.00USD / Each
Sartorius Tacta® LH-729090 Single-Channel, Adjustable-Volume Pipette; 1 to 10 mL EW-24505-39 Mfr # LH-729090
Red 10000 1000
$466.00USD / Each
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