Scienceware Lab Companion Cabinet Vacuum Desiccators

Maintain 29 in. Hg vacuum for over 72 hours at room temperature
  • Viton® three-way valve offers consistent and uniform vacuum draw, release, and gas exchange
  • Analog vacuum gauge allows quick and convenient checking of the vacuum level
  • Use with any vacuum with free air capcity of 1.5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) or greater
These desiccators provide premium vacuum sustainment for reliable sample storage or running experiments over extended periods. The transparent polycarbonate construction is durable, easy to clean, chemical resistant, and provides quick visualization of the contents. The amber tinted models block 100% of UVA, B, and C light, minimizing discoloration or damage to light-sensitive samples.

Cabinet-Style Desiccators feature a one-piece molded design for optimal vacuum capability and no leakage. Design provides the maximum usable space and the movable shelves allow for a variety of storage configurations. Hinged door makes it easy to access samples and the locking tabs keep the cabinet secure when not under vacuum. Four built-in ports let you add up to three additional valves. Easily check vacuum level with gauge on front of unit.>br>
Eight models to choose from; 11, 23, 35, and 45 liter in clear or UV blocking amber.
$1,415.00 - $3,070.00USD / Each

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Chamber Volume (cu ft) Color
Availability Pricing
Scienceware F42400-4001 Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 11L. EW-08909-16 Mfr # F42400-4001
0.4 Clear
$1,415.00USD / Each
Scienceware F42400-4101 UV Blocking Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 11L. EW-08909-17 Mfr # F42400-4101
0.4 Amber
$1,539.00USD / Each
Scienceware F42400-4021 Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 23L. EW-08909-18 Mfr # F42400-4021
0.8 Clear
$1,786.00USD / Each
Scienceware F42400-4121 UV Blocking Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 23L. EW-08909-19 Mfr # F42400-4121
0.8 Amber
$1,899.00USD / Each
Scienceware F42400-4011 Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 35L. EW-08909-21 Mfr # F42400-4011
1.2 Clear
$2,305.00USD / Each
Scienceware F42400-4111 UV Blocking Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 35L. EW-08909-22 Mfr # F42400-4111
1.2 Amber
$2,398.00USD / Each
Scienceware F42400-4031 Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 45L. EW-08909-23 Mfr # F42400-4031
1.6 Clear
$2,967.00USD / Each
Scienceware F42400-4131 UV Blocking Vacuum Desiccator Cabinet, 45L. EW-08909-24 Mfr # F42400-4131
1.6 Amber
$3,070.00USD / Each
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