Scienceware Space Saver Vacuum Desiccators

Deep vacuum desiccator features a polypropylene bottom and polycarbonate lid
  • High crowned lid provides maximum interior clearance
  • Desiccator holds 29" Hg for 24 hours
Large interior volume -- The space saving design of the desiccator dome provides maximum interior clearances. They provide an average of 13% greater interior volume than standard hemispherical domes.
Extra heavy walls -- Clear polycarbonate top and choice of white polypropylene or polycarbonate bottom. This strong, shatterproof desiccator will hold a full vacuum (29.9" Hg [759mm]) at room temperature for 24 hours and will remain air tight even if not under vacuum.
A polypropylene stopcock with a PTFE® TFR plug which turns, allowing a slow, gentle entrance of air preventing unnecessary turbulence and crucible damage. The stopcock handle is a highly visible red and has a port which accepts 1/4" (6.4mm) I.D. tubing.
A large ribbed knob at the top center for easy lifting.
A Neoprene O-ring seal which does not require grease, but is not harmed if grease is used.
A polypropylene plate 3.2 mm (1/8") thick with 3.2mm (1/8") diameter perforations for air transfer. The plate rests on the retaining ledge of the bottom section and has a center hole for easy removal.
Choice of Bottom Section: Polypropylene provides excellent chemical resistance and permits the use of incandescent crucibles with standard size procelain plates. All clear Polycarbonate bottoms are available in the same sizes.
$61.20 - $180.00USD / Each

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Plate Size (mm)
Availability Pricing
Bel-Art 42010 Plastic Vacuum desiccator, 140 mm plate size EW-06514-10 Mfr # 420100000
$61.20USD / Each
Bel-Art 42020 Plastic Vacuum desiccator, 190 mm plate size EW-06514-20 Mfr # 420200000
$80.50USD / Each
Bel-Art 42025 Plastic Vacuum desiccator, 230 mm plate size EW-06514-30 Mfr # 420250000
$180.00USD / Each
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