Seametrics Low-Flow Impeller Sensors

Impeller design minimizes wear for long sensor life
  • Utilizes rotating turbine and a magnetic Hall-effect sensors
Each flow sensor uses a rotating turbine and a magnetic Hall-effect sensor to generate an electronic pulse proportional to flow rate. The controller converts these pulses into flow units. These low-flow sensors measure flow rates in pipe sizes from 3/8 to 1" NPT(F). Sensors generate a square wave pulse output that can be sent to flow controllers 33110-60 or -70 to display flow rate and total, batch controller 33112-52 which provides batch output control to multiple devices, or rate/total display 33112-50, which is a battery operated two-line display.

Choose from polypropylene (PP), PTFE, 316 stainless steel (SS), or brass sensors. Select PP sensors for general-purpose applications. Use PTFE sensors for high-purity, high-temperature applications. The 316 SS sensors should be used in applications such as chemical batching and injection, fertilizer injection, or proportioning of spray chemicals. Brass sensor should be used in applications using clean water. For best results, install sensors within a straight run of tubing or pipe (five pipe diameters long on the inlet side). Sensors can be mounted in any orientation. All models include an 18-ft (5.5-m) L cable with stripped ends.
$369.20 - $1,824.50USD / Each

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Material Valve Max Flow Rate (GPM) Min Flow Rate (GPM)
Availability Pricing
Seametrics SPX-038 Low-Flow Impeller Sensor, PP, 0.07 to 5 GPM EW-33110-00 Mfr # SPX-038
PP 5 0.07
$383.10USD / Each
Seametrics SPT-038 Low-Flow Impeller Sensor, PTFE, 0.07 to 5 GPM EW-33110-05 Mfr # SPT-038
PTFE 5 0.07
$1,016.50USD / Each
Seametrics SPX-050 Low-Flow Impeller Sensor, PP, 0.1 to 10 GPM EW-33110-10 Mfr # SPX-050
PP 10 0.1
$376.70USD / Each
Seametrics SPX-075 Low-Flow Impeller Sensor, PP, 0.2 to 20 GPM EW-33110-20 Mfr # SPX-075
PP 20 0.2
$383.10USD / Each
Seametrics SPT-075 Low-Flow Impeller Sensor, PTFE, 0.2 to 20 GPM EW-33110-25 Mfr # SPT-075
PTFE 20 0.2
$1,007.00USD / Each
Seametrics SPX-100 Low-Flow Impeller Sensor, PP, 0.5 to 40 GPM EW-33110-30 Mfr # SPX-100
PP 40 0.5
$369.20USD / Each
Seametrics SPT-100 Low-Flow Impeller Sensor, PTFE, 0.5 to 40 GPM EW-33110-35 Mfr # SPT-100
PTFE 40 0.5
$997.25USD / Each
Seametrics SES-050 Paddle Wheel Flow Meter, Stainless Steel, 0.1 to 10 GPM EW-33125-10 Mfr # SES-050
Stainless Steel 10 0.1
$1,733.50USD / Each
Seametrics SES-075 Paddle Wheel Flow Meter, Stainless Steel, 0.2 to 15 GPM EW-33125-15 Mfr # SES-075
Stainless Steel 15 0.2
$1,604.00USD / Each
Seametrics SES-100 Paddle Wheel Flow Meter, Stainless Steel, 0.5 to 25 GPM EW-33125-20 Mfr # SES-100
Stainless Steel 25 0.5
$1,824.50USD / Each
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