Sensors Mounted Display Modules

Unique fitting isolates the electronics from the fluid - no leaks!
  • Multiple output options to suit any monitoring or control application
  • Battery-powered units offer incredible flexibility - use one meter to spot check multiple fitting locations
  • Max GPM Flow Rate depends on model used
  • Used with various liquids
Sensor-Mounted Display Modules: These modules quarter-turn twist-lock onto sensor fittings—see the box below. The design keeps the electronics completely isolated from the fluid. Each electronics head is programmed with the 3-button key pad; set-up is completed in minutes working through a user-friendly programming tree. To improve accuracy, each unit includes a “TEACH-IN” function for system-specific determination of the K-factor (a lab-determined standard K-factor is typically used in every type of paddle wheel meter). Improving installation is the “SIMULATION” function which allows users to perform a “dry run” of the system by selecting and generating output signals manually.

Transmitter Modules are ideal for more complex monitoring and control applications. Units provide main and daily flow totalization along with analog output; relay outputs are also available. Users can scroll through flow, output current and totalized flow on the main display.

Switch Modules display flow and provides two programmable relays for discrete control.

Batch Controllers have the same housing but utilizes a unique programming sequence designed for batch control operations. The unit can be preprogrammed for up to 9 different batches. Batch initiation can be done locally, via binary input, or via PLC (time proportional). Relays and an output are included to alarm on flow (output) and to control valves and/or pumps (two relays). A unique auto-correction feature adjusts programmed batch volumes for overfill (when the unit commands flow to stop but flow is still detected, like from a downstream pipe leg draining). Users can scroll through flow, dosing amount, dosing mode and totalized flow on the main display.

Battery-Powered Flowmeters are deal where no wired power is feasible, such as portable skid systems. Some users have reduced flow-monitoring costs in their systems by utilizing one module on numerous sensor fittings placed throughout the process. Users can scroll through flow and totalized flow on the main display. Operates on a 9 V battery.
$1,289.00 - $1,527.00USD / Each

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Fluid Type Max Flow Rate (mL/min) Max Flow Rate (SCCM)
Availability Pricing
Burkert 444006 Flow Transmitter Module, 4-20 mA and Pulse Output EW-33118-50 Mfr # 444006
$1,527.00USD / Each
Burkert 423930J Flow Transmitter Module, 4-20 mA, Pulse, and Relay Output EW-33118-52 Mfr # 444007
$1,442.00USD / Each
Burkert 423918J Flow transmitter module with 4 to 20 mA output and two relays EW-33118-54 Mfr # 423918J
$1,391.00USD / Each
Burkert 423921D Battery powered display; 2 totalizers and 1 flow EW-33118-58 Mfr # 423921D
$1,289.00USD / Each
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