Servodyne Electronic Mixers & Systems

Modular design features easy customization to suit your needs
  • Monitor and control speed, torque, and batch time through a computer interface
  • Permanent-magnet DC motor with permanently lubricated ball-bearing construction for maintenance-free operation
Provide precise control of mixing speed within ±0.2% despite changes in viscosity, temperature, or line voltage. Monitor torque, set torque limits, or measure and control differential torque with mixer head in use and sets the appropriate rpm and torque limits for that motor. Controller measures 6½''W x 3½''H x 7¾''D (165 mm W x 89 mm H x 197 mm D). Operates on 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Controller includes a 6-ft (1.8-m) modular line cord with IEC320/CEE22 connector; specify country of final destination to receive correct line cord.

Mixer Heads
Optical shaft encoder relays the exact motor rotation speed data to the electronic mixer controller. djustable-tilt mounting assembly permits rotation of mixer head from 0º to 30º for proper positioning of shaft and propeller. Mixer heads include a chuck/collet (depending on the model), 5" L x ½'' dia (127 mm L x 12.7 mm dia) mounting rod, and 6-ft (1.8-m) multiconductor cable to connect to the controller. The high-torque, low-speed models have a keyless chuck that accepts mixing shafts up to 3⁄8'' (10 mm) in diameter. The high-speed, low-torque models have an adjustable, through-shaft precision hand-tightened collet that accepts 3⁄8'' (10 mm) dia mixing shafts. Through-shaft design allows positioning the mixing propeller at any depth without moving the mixer head—minimizes shaft “wobble” that occurs at higher speeds or with longer shafts.

Complete Systems
These convenient, ready-made systems come complete with controller, mixer head, shaft, propeller, clamp, and stand.

Optional Computer Software and Cables
Controller allows mixer system to be monitored and controlled via computer interface. Software program lets you control up to 16 Servodyne mixers and Masterflex computer-compatible pump drives.
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