Sherwood Scientific Dual-Channel Flame Photometer

Unit comes with Na, K, and Ca filters; optional filter for Li is available Built-in secondary regulator and thermally insulated chimney for added safety
This digital flame photometer is designed with user ease and comfort in mind. The sample introduction port is located in the front. Filter replacement is made easy - there's no need to dismantle large sections of the unit. Special features ensure workplace safety, including an automatic gas shutoff if the flame becomes accidently extinguished, as well as a thermally insulated chimney. Unit offers a wide measuring range of 0 to 1999.
Optional linearizer module 02656-10 (use to increase accuracy with biological samples) and optional automatic dilutor 02657-00 are available. Optional barium filter 02655-40, optional lithium filter 02655-55, and three-position filter holder 02655-52 (required for barium and lithium filters) are sold separately. Use the 02657-25 Autosampler to provide a fully automatic analysis solution for long sample runs (requires the 02656-10 Digital Interface and 02656-15 Software for use with the Single-Channel Flame Photometer). Optional Automatic Dilutor will accurately dilute your samples and standards.
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Fuel Supply Power (VAC)
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Sherwood Scientific Single-Channel Digital Flame Photometer EW-02655-00 Mfr # 47541200
High-grade propane/butane, or propane/butane mixture regulated at approximately 30 psi; natural gas at 3 to 10" W.G. 120 / 240
$7,898.00USD / Each
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