Shimpo Laser Non-Contact - Contact Tachometers

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  • Sophisticated laser beam detection
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Length and rate functions offer expanded measurement capabilities
  • Multi-mode speed selection
  • Broad speed range
  • Hardy aluminum construction, assures a maintenance-free performance for many years
  • Large 5 digit display
  • Expansive 10 test memory capacity
  • Stores last / min / max readings for thorough equipment / process inspection
  • Advanced laser beam detection enables safe RPM measurement from 20 feet
  • Extremely accurate
  • All metal construction
  • Includes a standard calibrated 6'' circumference wheel with locking screw for contact rate and length applications
A laser allows precise RPM measurement from 20 feet! Our new tachometers incorporate laser technology yet retain rugged construction and reliable quality components; both offer incredible value and versatility as they perform non-contact and contact applications via the included contact adapter. Capture fast speeds with laser precision Incorporating the precise laser technology and user-friendly functions as our standard tachometers, the Deluxe Models provide exceptional accuracy in measuring speed and length via a 12'' wheel; the larger wheel rotates more slowly than a standard 6'' wheel, enabling reliable and safe registration of high speeds. These superior instruments also feature a contact adapter, conveniently allowing both non-contact and contact measurement.
$305.00 - $360.00USD / Each

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Display Type Max Measuring Distance (in) Memory
Availability Pricing
Shimpo DT-205LR-S12 Contact/Noncontact LCD Tachometer with 12" Circ. Measuring Wheel EW-98806-30 Mfr # DT-205LR-S12
5-digit LCD 240 Last 10 readings, min/max
$360.00USD / Each
Shimpo DT-207LR Contact/Noncontact LCD Tachometer with 6" Circ. Measuring Wheel EW-98806-31 Mfr # DT-207LR: TACHOMETER
5-digit LCD 20 Last 10 readings, min/max
$305.00USD / Each
Shimpo DT-207LR-S12 Contact/Noncontact LED Tachometer with 12" Circ. Measuring Wheel EW-98806-32 Mfr # DT-207LR-S12
5-digit LED 240 Last 10 readings, min/max
$360.00USD / Each
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