Spex® SamplePrep 1200C-CH GenoLyte® Temperature-Controlled Compact Homogenizer Bundles

A powerful, compact, temperature-controlled homogenizer in a convenient bundle
  • Accommodates most standard 2 mL vials
  • Keep an eye on the grind process with the clear lid for viewing
  • Cycles can be programmed with rest periods
  • Ideal for applications involving sample prep for DNA, RNA, and protein extractions
The Chilled GenoLyte® is an efficient, compact laboratory homogenizer that uses a circulating chiller to maintain sample temperatures between 0 to 10° C while effectively disrupting cellular materials by horizontally oscillating 2 mL vials. Common samples include seeds, stems, roots, leaves, and animal tissue.

Operation is simple: the vials are secured in the sample cooling chamber, and the lid is closed. The controls are checked for the proper running time, rate, and the start button is pushed. When the run is complete, the lid is lifted and the vials are removed. The digital control panel allows you to set the timer in five-second increments; the timer sounds down in one-second intervals.

These bundled homogenizers include the 1200C homogenizer, Cole-Parmer® Standard Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Bath, and 1200C-10 42" chiller hose.

The vial holder accommodates three vials that are continuously cooled. Purchase vials separately.
$8,769.00USD / Each

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Capacity (mL) Power (VAC) Description
Availability Pricing
2 120 1200C-CH120 GenoLyte® Temperature-Controlled Compact Homogenizer; 120 VAC
$8,769.00USD / Each
2 240 1200C-CH240 GenoLyte® Temperature-Controlled Compact Homogenizer; 240 VAC
$8,769.00USD / Each
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