Thermo Scientific Barnstead LabTower EDI Water Purification Systems

Produce Type I or Type II water from one unit—with EDI technology
  • Integrated 100-L reservoir allows you to safely and conveniently stock high purity water
  • Microprocessor control for automatic operation
  • Highly visible display continuously monitors all critical parameters, including reservoir levels
  • Free standing with bottom-mounted rollers for easy relocation
Barnstead LabTower EDI systems deliver up to 200L/day of Type I ultrapure water or Type II pure water from a tap feed water supply. Water product quality exceeds international standards ASTM Type 1 with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ-cm and TOC of 1 to 5 ppb with optional UV lamp. High purity water ASTM Type II water, with resistivity of 15 to 10 MΩ-cm, is ideal for daily needs of 100 to 500 L.

These dual-quality systems are suitable for a wide range of applications needs from basic reagent preparations to highly sensitive protocols such as HPLC and PCR with both Type I and type II water available. Standard features include variable flow control knob for dispensing of Type I water, and integrated 100-L reservoir with outlet connection for Type II water access. A
recirculation pump in the reservoir moves water across a special polisher module ensuring fresh Type II water on demand and prevents bacterial growth during standstill.

Electrodeionization (EDI) unites two proven technologies for producing ultrapure water: electrodialysis and ion exchange. However, EDI uses an electric current for continual resin regeneration so resins do not need to be chemically regenerated nor cartridges discarded, making EDI environmentally friendly.

The RS-232 interface with adjustable send-interval safely transfers all measure data, faults, date, and time to a computer or log printer. Data printing at preprogrammed intervals satisfies GLP guidelines; order external printer separately below. Real-time clock and code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes to system settings. USP-compliant conductivity measurement with temperature compensation can be switched on or off.
$21,180.00 - $24,250.00USD / Each

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Thermo Scientific Barnstead 50132395 LabTower EDI Water Purification System 15 l/hr EW-99281-15 Mfr # 50132395
$21,180.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Barnstead 50132396 LabTower EDI Water Purification System 30 l/hr EW-99281-30 Mfr # 50132396
$24,250.00USD / Each
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