Thermo Scientific Heratherm Advanced Protocol (AP) Mechanical Convection Ovens

Maintain even and accurate heating
  • Mechanical convection provides fast sample drying and heating with superior temperature uniformity
  • Energy efficient — up to 20% more energy savings compared to similar units
  • Small footprint saves space without compromising volume
  • Store up to 10 programs with 10 discrete steps
Advanced protocol mechanical convection ovens feature superior temperature uniformity to ensure accurate, even heating from 50 to 330°C — perfect for drying, testing, or curing materials that require the highest temperature accuracy.

Program controller with large easy-to-view display and touch-button controls. Easily set the adjustable fan speed depending on your application — highest for best temperature stability and uniformity, lowest for minimal airflow. Unique timer allows you to automatically turn the oven on or off at a preset time or operate on a recurring weekly or hourly basis. Ovens feature an electronically controlled damper to vent the work space, a boost feature for rapid heating of cold oven, and a dedicated access port for the introduction of external temperature sensors.

Smooth stainless steel inner chamber has rounded corners for easy cleaning. The door opens 180°, providing easy access to interior for cleaning and loading of probes. An automatic overtemperature alarm ensures your samples are always protected. The RS-232 interface lets you connect to your computer for documentation of parameters.
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Capacity (cu ft) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
Thermo Scientific Heratherm 51028124 AP Mechanical Oven; 2.0 cu ft/Adj Fan/120V EW-38800-48 Mfr # 51028124
2.2 120
$3,922.50USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Heratherm 51028125 AP Mechanical Oven; 3.5 cu ft/Adj Fan/208-240V EW-38800-50 Mfr # 51028125
3.5 208 / 240
$4,370.50USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Heratherm 51028126 AP Mechanical Oven; 6.4 cu ft/Adj Fan/208-240V EW-38800-52 Mfr # 51028126
6.1 208 / 240
$5,250.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Heratherm 51029329 AP Mechanical Oven; 14 cu ft/Adj Fan/208-240V EW-38800-53 Mfr # 51029329
14 208 / 240
$9,267.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Heratherm 51029343 AP Mechanical Oven; 25.8 cu ft/Adj Fan/208-240V EW-38800-55 Mfr # 51029343
25.8 208 / 240
$11,550.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific Heratherm 51029344 APS Mechanical Oven; 25.8 cu ft/SS/208-240V EW-38800-78 Mfr # 51029344
25.8 208 / 240
$11,995.00USD / Each
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