Thermo Scientific TRACE TR-V1 (Cyanopropylphenyl polysiloxane) GC Columns

Low bleed provides reproducible and accurate results
Thermo Scientific TRACE GC columns have been tested and found to provide less than half the bleed of competitive capillary columns. Low bleeding means fewer problems with low sensitivity, contamination of the detector, lower temperature limits, and shorter life spans. These columns have been manufactured with improved bonding to be extremely robust, minimizing the risk of damage due to contaminated carrier gases. Improved column-to-column reproducibility guarantees that your column will work with the same high standard as those purchased years from now. Each column goes through rigorous testing and is delivered with a certificate of traceability to guarantee the performance.
Thermo Scientific TRACE TR-V1 Columns provide selectivity, good retention, and separation of volatile compounds at a maximum temperature of 300<deg>C. This low operating temperature provides versatility for samples containing less volatile compounds.
$649.50 - $1,252.50USD / Each

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Column Inside Diameter (ID) (mm) Column Length (m) Film Thickness (µm)
Availability Pricing
Thermo Scientific TRACE 260V341P GC Column; 60m L, 0.32mm ID, 1.8um thick EW-01854-64 Mfr # 260V341P
0.32 60 1.8
$1,001.00USD / Each
Thermo Scientific TRACE 260V396P GC Column; 30m L,x 0.53mm ID, 3.0um thick EW-01854-66 Mfr # 260V396P
0.53 30 3
$649.50USD / Each
Thermo Scientific TRACE 260V408P GC Column; 60m L, 0.53mm ID, 3.0um thick EW-01854-68 Mfr # 260V408P
0.53 60 3
$1,050.50USD / Each
Thermo Scientific TRACE 260V490P GC Column; 75m L, 0.53mm ID, 3.0um thick EW-01854-70 Mfr # 260V490P
0.53 75 3
$1,252.50USD / Each
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