Traceable® Refrigerator/Freezer Digital Thermometers

Reliably monitor and be alerted to any issues affecting the contents of your fridge or freezer without even opening the door!
  • Alarm indicator lights up brightly to draw your attention to an immediate issue
  • Know about excursions before they happen with the pre-alert alarm light that glows orange when your fridge or freezer is within 1 degree of your alarm setting
  • Use the mute button to silence the buzzer alarm while you are investigating the issue
  • Staff onboarding is a breeze with an enhanced, more intuitive user experience including large buttons, high-contrast text, and purposeful design
  • Reduce upkeep with boosted battery power and interior tech upgrades for higher performance
  • Maintain compliance; includes NIST-traceable certificate from our A2LA accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory
  • Make readings quickly and with certainty using the triple display—shows current, high, and low temperatures simultaneously
  • Pick the probe option that fits your application
Easily monitor liquid temperature in baths and air/gas temperature in incubators, refrigerators, or freezers. Keep track of temperature conditions overnight or for any time period—the minimum and maximum temperatures are stored until the memory is cleared. Models feature a triple display that simultaneously shows current, minimum, and maximum temperatures.

Set high and low alarms in 1° increments; alarm sounds when temperature rises above or falls below set points and continues to sound even if temperature returns to nonalarm range.

Thermometer reads ambient temperature or external probe temperature. Probe is attached to a 10-ft (3-m) micro-cable that permits a door to close on it; probe and cable are both submersible. Mount meter with included hook-and-loop strips, wall-mount slots, or use flip-open stand on benchtop.
$71.50 - $83.50USD / Each

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Calibrated Fridge/Freezer Digital Thermometer with Bottle Probe
$76.00USD / Each
Fridge/Freezer Digital Thermometer with Bullet Probe
$71.50USD / Each
Fridge/Freezer Digital Thermometer with 5 mL Vaccine Bottle Probe
$83.50USD / Each
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