Tuning Fork Vibration Viscometer

Tuning fork vibration viscometer provides superior accuracy
  • Changing viscosity and temperature can be measured without replacing the sensor plates
  • Accurate low viscosity measurement
  • Excellent solution for difficult measurements such as foaming, flowing, and low viscosity fluids
This unique viscometer is ideal for ink, paint, food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, rubber, oil, paper, or any viscometry application that requires high accuracy and fast response time. The new tuning fork vibration method ensures excellent accuracy and repeatability with a wide range of continuous and real time measurement. The thin, small size of the sensor plate allows even minute changes of viscosity and temperature to be tracked on a real-time basis. Additionally, the design of the sensor plates allows minimal deformation of the sample texture, and thus enables measurement of Non-Newtonian fluids.

Viscosity is measured by detecting the driving electric current necessary to resonate the two sensor plates at constant frequency of 30Hz and amplitude of less than 1mm. T

$4,080.00USD / Each

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Max Viscosity Range (cP) Power (VAC)
Availability Pricing
A&D Weighing SV-10 Low range tuning fork vibration viscometer 120 VAC EW-98946-10 Mfr # SV-10
10000 120
$4,080.00USD / Each
A&D Weighing SV-100 High range tuning fork vibration viscometer 120 VAC EW-98946-14 Mfr # SV-100
100000 120
$4,080.00USD / Each
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