MasterSelect™ Pump Selection Guide


Vernon Hills, Ill — Selecting the proper Masterflex peristaltic pump system is now a quick online experience with the new MasterSelect™ Pump Selection Guide. This web tool quickly guides customers through the process of selecting a peristaltic pump system that meets their exact needs. Customers are guided through prompts which identify their pump requirements. After clicking through six questions or less, the customer will instantly see the perfect pump for their needs. This online tool is ideal for anyone in the market for a pump system.

Along with the top pump system recommendation, additional pump suggestions are shown on the same page so customers can easily compare features. They can then select the pump system they want, add it to their shopping cart and check out. The entire selection process takes only a few minutes. The MasterSelect Pump Selection Guide can be accessed at

About Masterflex

Masterflex is a leading, global fluidics manufacturer of proprietary products--with certifications to help stay compliant--for the complete fluidic path. Along with a wide range of products, from pumps and tubing to flowmeters and single-use components, Masterflex is your consultant and partner to help optimize the full fluidics workflow from research to process. And, when a standard offering will not fit an application, Masterflex custom-engineered OEM pump solutions can meet exact needs and budget. Masterflex products are known for their accuracy, durability, and ease-of-use. They can be seen in facilities around the world particularly in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemicals industries. Masterflex products can also be used in any R&D and process industries where fluidics is required.