ZeptoMetrix® Launches NATtrol™ Monkeypox Virus External Run Control


Buffalo, NY, September 29, 2022 — ZeptoMetrix®, an Antylia Scientific™ company, launches NATtrol™ Monkeypox Virus External Run Control: NATMPXV-ERC. This third-party molecular quality control can be used by laboratories to evaluate and monitor the continued performance of their monkeypox virus PCR assays.

“Monkeypox infections have increased significantly in regions where the disease is not endemic, with the CDC reporting over 65,000 cases globally,” said Karuna Sharma, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of ZeptoMetrix. “As the monkeypox outbreak has become a public health emergency of international concern, precise diagnostics and high-quality control materials are vital tools used to help the medical community identify cases and treat patients.”

NATtrol Monkeypox Virus external run control is a ready-to-use, inactivated, whole organism control and contains six 0.5 mL vials. Monkeypox Virus ERC represents an exciting addition to the ZeptoMetrix Monkeypox product line.

“At ZeptoMetrix, our goal is to help laboratories and clinics lead the fight against the latest transmissible disease outbreak, and now at the forefront is monkeypox,” said Evangeline Gonzalez, Vice President/General Manager of ZeptoMetrix. “We are proud to play our part with the new Monkeypox Virus external run control, ensuring that our customers have confidence in the results generated in their laboratories.”

Find more information on how to order the new NATtrol Monkeypox Virus External Run Control and additional ZeptoMetrix products at: https://www.zeptometrix.com