Press Releases

FDA-Cleared Noncontact IR Forehead Thermometer - Press Release

Get precise and quick forehead temperature measurements without contact when using the new FDA-cleared noncontact infrared (IR) thermometer. It is designed to take the body temperature of a person regardless of room temperature and is easy to use. This versatile thermometer can also be used to take surface temperatures of an area or object such as food and can log 32 internal readings. This FDA-cleared IR thermometer is intended for industrial and office health screenings and monitoring. Read More

New Cole-Parmer® Hand Sanitizer made with 80% alcohol and according to WHO formulation

Vernon Hills, IL — Reduce the risk of cross-contamination in process facilities, and other areas where workers are in close proximity, when using new Cole-Parmer® Hand Sanitizer. The hand sanitizer is made with 80% alcohol in USA to WHO formulation at FDA registered site. Use Cole-Parmer Hand Sanitizer to help reduce bacteria that potentially can cause disease. Read More

New Masterflex® Flow Controller Automatically Adjusts Pump Speed as Tubing Ages

No longer is it necessary to manually adjust Masterflex® pump flow rates as the pump tubing wears. The new Masterflex flow controller receives input from a flow sensor and then responds by adjusting the speed of a Masterflex pump to maintain a set flow rate or dispense volume. Using proprietary technology, the Masterflex flow controller measures, controls, and logs fluid path information. The controller is designed for the 33501-series Masterflex ultrasonic flow sensors and works with all types of Masterflex pumps. Read More

Cole-Parmer Showcases the Latest IoT with LIVE cloud-enabled products in booth #3125

Cole-Parmer is helping customers save hours of time in the laboratory and out in the field with its IoT. The company offers secure and reliable Traceable® data loggers, Jenway® spectrophotometers and Masterflex® peristaltic pumps compatible with a cloud-enabled service on certain models. These systems provide a secure cloud connection using proprietary LIVE implementation, ensuring that research and day-to-day work is well protected. Read More

Transport temperature-sensitive samples safely for up to 15 hours with Cole-Parmer® PolarSafe® Transport Kits

Cole-Parmer® PolarSafe® Transport Kits provide an easy and worry-free solution for transporting samples. The kits include a durable, insulated nylon bag or polypropylene box conveniently bundled with modular cooling packs. The bag or box and cooling packs work together to protect samples by maintaining specific temperature ranges for extended periods of time up to 15 hours. The kits are ideal for life science samples/specimens, medications and drug trial samples. Read More