Special & Custom Orders

At Cole-Parmer, we are committed to providing you with the right product for your application. Even with the complete range of products available on our web site ColeParmer.com, we realize that all needs are not alike and your application might require something just a little different.

If you can't find what you're looking for on our web site, our Custom Ordering Solutions can help! We can easily source the modified product you need, and we have access to our suppliers' full lines for products beyond what we offer on our web site.


Start with a partner who understands your industry and applications.

Product Modifications & Sourcing Services Include:


Temperature Probes

  • Custom thermocouple, thermistor, and RTD probes
  • Thermowells to support all your probe styles
  • Industrial and handheld probe variations
  • Customize the following components to your exact specifications
    • Probe tip
    • Junction type
    • Material
    • Probe length and diameter
    • Bend or angle
    • Cable length and material
    • Connector type

Product Modifications

  • Custom cord lengths and cord/plug assemblies
  • Custom tank assemblies
  • Special pump configurations
  • Custom pressure and flow instruments

Tubing, Fittings, and Consumables

  • Custom package sizes for tubing, fittings, and other consumables
  • Custom lengths and sizes
  • Tubing cut to custom lengths
  • Tubing samples
  • Sanitary assemblies and custom fittings

Product Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance and repair programs
  • Accessories, repair parts, spare parts
  • Service kits


Documentation for calibration, validation, certification, and compliance


Large Quantity Orders

Special pricing and discounts on large quantities and blanket orders


Product Line Extensions

  • Access to suppliers' full lines for products beyond what we offer on our Web site
  • Access to products that meet UL, CSA, CE, 3A, FM, NSF, and ATEX standards
  • Accessories, repair parts, spare parts

Custom Ordering Solutions Hotline

Call 1-800-323-4340, Option 8, ext. 138-8456

Our experts are ready to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Or contact us via email.