FAQs About Stuart, Techne, Electrothermal, and Jenway Products Rebranded as Cole-Parmer

Why did you change the name of many well-known brands such as Stuart to Cole-Parmer?

Over the years, we’ve acquired many high-quality and reputable brands. After many years of continual growth, we realized our brands are all as brilliant as each other. Rather than have a portfolio of complementary brands, we felt consolidating them under one world-class brand name enabled us to offer a single and significant brand experience. Through one brand we can speak in one voice through our team of experts who provide support in product selection, usage and troubleshooting to empower laboratories to run efficiently throughout the world. This allows for an organized product portfolio and gives us the opportunity to continue to grow our service to you. We intend to give you the convenience you deserve; to find what you need as quickly as possible so you can focus on your day-to-day tasks. The same brand names that are merging into Cole-Parmer Essentials have their own pages featured on our website (for example: These will also, over-time, move into a single Cole-Parmer Essential brand experience.


Why have the specific product brand websites (i.e., Stuart, Electrothermal, Jenway) gone?

The websites have not been updated for some time, and as we continually launch new products, it made good sense to bring all our customers and web visitors to our Cole-Parmer website where the most up-to-date information resides, and the best customer experiences take place.


What happened to the products on those now outdated sites (such as

We ensure you that your favorite top-quality products have not gone away. They are still available and have just been renamed Cole-Parmer equipment and Cole-Parmer Essentials supplies. Same world-class products under one world-class name.


How do I search for the new refreshed/rebranded products if I only have, or I am used to using, the old brand product names and references? Such as Stuart Incubators.

Our website is now set up for anyone looking to find the refreshed products, but only have old product references. Simply type in the brand name and the type of product you are looking for (an example of this is Stuart Incubators) in our site search field (at the top of the coleparmer website). Our product pages carry references to Stuart in the product titles, but also, all the old brands have old product references on each of the product pages. This means if you have an old product VPN (SKU), using the search field, you will find the same, but refreshed version of the product you are looking for.

Here is a working example: Type into our search field: Stuart Incubators. The results will flag up this product: Cole-Parmer SI-200 Series Stuart Shaking Incubator. This is the refreshed version of the Stuart product you were looking for. To further highlight this is infact the correct product, when you scroll down the Stuart Shaking Incubator product page you will find this: Effective May 2022, the Stuart Shaking Incubator Model number SI500/120/60 has now been rebranded Cole-Parmer under Model number SI-200D-120. All the same great features and specifications, just with a new and improved look.


Why do I still see the name Cole-Parmer included as a product name?

The legacy name Cole-Parmer was something we felt important to keep as it’s been a trusted name in the scientific community for over 65 years. It was fitting to keep it as a brand name for our high-quality proprietary equipment and for many of the top brands we acquired including Stuart, Techne, Electrothermal, Jenway, Symmetry, StableTemp, Argos Technologies, LabGEN, and more.


Where do I find my favorite products now?

All products are listed on, however, your favorite products will be in one of two places. When you need lab equipment, you will find those products on the Cole-Parmer equipment product page. When you need supplies, you will find the bulk of those on the Cole-Parmer Essentials supplies product page. It’s that simple—two reliable brands coming together under one dependable Cole-Parmer Essentials company.


Who is Antylia Scientific?

In February of 2021, Cole-Parmer was renamed Antylia Scientific, a life sciences company. Our evolution as a provider of mission critical products to our customers in their quest to discover and manufacture new therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostic tests has led to creating Antylia Scientific.


Why does the website still say Cole-Parmer and not Antylia Scientific?

We didn’t want to make too many changes all at one time. To eliminate confusion, the website remains