Now You Can Pump the Most Aggressive Chemicals with Peristaltic Pumps

Now You Can Pump the Most Aggressive Chemicals with Peristaltic Pumps

Until now, chemicals and reagents on the extreme end of the pH scale could not be transferred with a peristaltic pump. Xylene, toluene, benzenes, and concentrated hydrochloric acid, among others, were too corrosive for pump tubing to handle.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers using these fluids in research or production had to employ less efficient pump technologies or an entirely different process altogether. For instance, xylene and toluene, used in pharmaceutical processing, could not be pumped through tubing. The tubing also could not tolerate aquaregia, which is used to leech gold from ore in mining.

With the introduction of a new pumpable PTFE peristaltic pump tubing—Masterflex® L/S® Precision Solve-Flex® Pump Tubing—the aggressive nature of these chemicals is now less of a challenge.  Because the fluoropolymer-lined tubing is capable of pumping corrosive fluids, peristaltic pump technology is a viable option for applications that could not manage it before.

A Game Changer

With pump technologies such as gear pumps, air-operated double diaphragm pumps, or piston pumps, the user has to disassemble the pump to clean the components. A decided advantage to using peristaltic tubing pumps is that the pumping solution only touches the inside of the tubing. All of the pump components remain maintenance free, reducing downtime and improving production between batches.

Chemical compatibility between the corrosive chemicals and gear pump or piston pump components is also suspect. It is likely the fluids damage or erode the stainless steel, PEEK, and ceramic materials within the pump head.

When used in peristaltic pumps, the new Masterflex Solve-Flex tubing feeds aggressive solvents without impairing pump components. It can pump organic solvents, inks, and specialty chemicals for processing. This tubing also be used for metering essential oils for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Why This Tubing?

The new Masterflex Solve-Flex pump tubing contains a fluoropolymer-based liner that is plasticizer-free, hydrophobic, and resists the absorption/adsorption of aqueous fluids. It also offers low spallation and assured purity of fluid.

A flexible outer jacket extends the pumping life of the tubing. The tubing meets USP Class VI requirements and is available in 12-foot continuous lengths, allowing for an unobstructed fluid path.

With exceptional chemical resistance, this high-performance precision tubing also offers a thicker wall to improve pressure generation suction lift and pump viscous fluids.

Do you have an application that can benefit from this tubing technology? Contact our technical application specialists with questions or check out the tubing specifications.