The Benefits of Biopharm Tubing

Feature Article Volume 3, Number 4, 2001

Masterflex® BioPharm platinum silicone pump tubing is ideal for biotech, lab, and pharmaceutical applications.
Ultra-smooth inner bore inhibits bacterial growth
Minimal extractables help maintain fluid integrity
Documented biocompatibility for sensitive applications
Low adsorption improves fluid flow

For your sanitary applications, you need look no further than Masterflex® tubing designed especially for reduced particle entrapment. Our BioPharm 96420 and BioPharm Plus 96440 silicone tubing's smooth inner surface improves fluid flow characteristics by reducing surface area and lowering adsorption of fluids to the tubing wall.

How smooth is BioPharm tubing? Up to three times smoother than ordinary silicone tubing. And, when compared to stainless steel it exhibits a smoother surface by a factor of 50. The result is unsurpassed inhibition of microscopic bacterial buildup during fluid transfer.

Masterflex BioPharm tubing (96420) helps facilitate complete sanitation of your fluid transfer system. Even in repeat-use applications, it prevents residue buildup, aiding in complete cleaning and sterilization. It meets the most demanding requirements of biocompatibility, with a lower extractable content that helps to maintain the purity of transported fluids even in sensitive applications.

BioPharm Plus - the benefits of BioPharm tubing... and more!

For sanitary tubing that lasts longer, select our BioPharm Plus 96440-series tubing. Offering higher pressure capabilities than BioPharm 96420, it lasts up to 3 times longer than other platinum-cured silicone tubing, while ensuring low particulate spallation. It's superior flex like characteristics help reduce potential production downtime due to pump tubing failure. Its excellent fatigue resistance properties make it ideal in Masterflex or other peristaltic tubing pump systems.

BioPharm (96420) and BioPharm (96440) comply with USP Class VI criteria, are nontoxic, nonhemolytic, and nonpyrogenic. This tubing exceeds 3A Sanitary Standards and meets FDA 21 CFR criteria for use in food contact applications. For more information, call our Application Specialists at (800) MASTERFLEX.

Masterflex BioPharm 96420 and BioPharm Plus 96440 tubing is ideal for a variety of sanitary applications.

Typical Applications
  • Production filtration and fermentation
  • Sterile fill lines
  • Media processing
  • Cell harvesting collection systems
  • Chemistry