Sampling Tools: Bottles, Funnels, Scoops, and Spoons

Cole-Parmer® HDPE Bottles: A Treat for Every Lab

Watch this short video showing how easy it is to use Cole-Parmer HDPE bottles. They are lightweight, chemical resistant, can be used in the freezer. The narrow-mouth bottles are ideal for precise pouring and the wide-mouth bottles are easy to fill. You can even store your jelly beans. However, trying to fill a narrow bottle doesn't go quite as well. See what happens. View now.

Fill Your Lab with Cole-Parmer® Anti-Static Weighing Funnels

See how fast you can fill narrow bottles can be when using Cole-Parmer funnels. One side is flat, so you can rest the funnel on a flat surface. The funnels are also autoclavable and disposable. The neck is designed to fit into a narrow-mouth bottle. This funnel is ideal for filling and weighing.

Individually Packaged Cole-Parmer® Sterile Sampling Spoons

Watch this video to get a handle on these Cole-Parmer Essentials Sterile Sampling Spoons. They come individually packaged, are available in four sizes and feature a long handle for reaching. This is a sweet video you won't want to miss.

Treat your Lab to Mess-Free Supplies: Cole-Parmer® Sterile Sampling Scoops with Lids

Keep your lab tidy with these Cole-Parmer Sterile Sampling Scoops with Lids and individual packaging. They have flat bottoms for stability and transfer samples cleanly. No more messes in the lab with a lid to keep contents secure. See for yourself.