Fluid Handling Solutions for BioPharma Process Improvements Webinar

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Hosted by: Colin Heathfield, John Batts, and Philip Nyren — With over 80 years of combined Fluid Handling experience

Time: 35 mins presentation, 25 mins Q&A – 1-hour total


If you are working in the Biopharma industry, you are already well acquainted with the tremendous benefits it brings to the world. However, the design, development and delivery of biopharmaceutical products can pose stiff challenges for the industry. Sometimes these challenges simply lead to frustration; while at other times, they can have costly consequences.

Masterflex®, has developed a range of pioneering peristaltic pump technologies; built on 65+ years of fluid handling expertise. By leveraging these technologies, you can implement process improvements that not only save time and money but give you more control than ever before. Take the stress out of workflow management and make the process a little more enjoyable!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Gain time & save money using remote access technology
  • Adapt to new workplace safety guidelines
  • Maximise production through single-use solutions
  • Opportunity to submit questions to the panel

Meet the experts featured on the webinar

Colin Heathfield - Technical Specialist EMEA – Pumps & Fluid Handling
Colin is a well-respected Technical Expert within the Fluid Handling and Pumping industry. He has been with Masterflex for 14 years, bringing a solutions-focused approach to the fluid handling technical engineering discipline. His practical, hands-on experience spans pump system design, commissioning and providing technical solutions within the laboratory, process, and industrial manufacturing sectors (providing system design). Additionally, he has vast experience of supporting and providing solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Food and Beverage (F&B), Printing, Utilities, and Academic Research industries. Colin creates Fluid Handling solutions for customers across the EMEA region and is consistently looking at new technologies and solutions that generate improved results for all concerned.

John Batts – Category Manager EMEA - Fluid Handling
John Batts has been involved in laboratory sciences for much of his professional career.  Over the years, he has worked for the US FDA; in private industry supporting animal science research; and in the broad pharmaceutical market, serving as a field engineer for a major equipment manufacturer, a technical specialist for an aftermarket consumables manufacturer, and as a pump specialist - all before moving to Masterflex.

John has worked with the OEM team in the US, helping team members develop customised pumping solutions for internal/third-party equipment manufacturers. For the last two years, John has served the EMEA region as a Category Manager for Fluid Handling products, supporting the sales team and executing various strategies to help customers utilise core fluid handling products as tools to help them achieve their best results.

Philip Nyren – Global Product Manager – Masterflex® & Fluid Handling
Phil has 23 years of experience with Masterflex and is currently managing the Masterflex® and Ismatec® peristaltic pump systems and equipment. Responsibilities and experience range from product concepts and development — working closely with design and engineering teams — to technical support and troubleshooting working directly with customers.

Webinar Q&A

Reglo ICC

How long has the Reglo ICC been available?
The Ismatec Reglo ICC has been commercially available since approximately 2014. It features patented technology of Masterflex.

Can the Reglo ICC operate independently on a stop/start timer and not just on continuous?
Yes, absolutely! Each of the channels on an Ismatec Reglo ICC is able to operate as if it is an independent pump. That means that each channel can start, stop, dispense, and continuous flow in a bi-directional format. Additionally, each of the channels can be independently calibrated, further enhancing the pump’s capabilities.

Can 1 of the 4 channels pump at a certain flow, different from the others, for example, running 15 seconds every hour?
Yes! The Ismatec Reglo ICC does allow for each channel to run independently from the others. There is both on-board control over each channel as well as enhanced control over each channel via free controlling software available for download.

The 4 channels are independent on the Reglo ICC, does this mean that it has 4 separate drives?
Yes, each channel has its own motor. This can be most easily seen by looking more closely at the OEM version of the Ismatec Reglo ICC, which features exactly the same mechanical hardware as the stand-alone models.

Can different samples be taken simultaneously?
Yes. Because each channel of an Ismatec Reglo ICC can be fully operated and fully controlled independently of the other channels, it is completely within the pump’s capabilities to leverage the on-board technology to take different samples – at different rates, from different sources if needed – simultaneously.

Where are the Ismatec pumps manufactured and have you been finding MFG supply chain issues overall?
The Ismatec Reglo ICC pumps are manufactured at the Masterflex Barrington, Illinois facility in the United States. Masterflex has a robust supply chain management process and dedicated staff who routinely coordinate the availability of required components to build our proprietary technology. We do not currently anticipate any availability delays for these pumps due to supply chain challenges.


Does MasterflexLive have the ability to show the activity of multiple pumps at the same time? like a workflow status chart?
Yes, MasterflexLive remote pump monitoring does have the ability to show the activity of multiple pumps simultaneously via the Devices screen. That screen functions as an account “dashboard” and will show individual pump online/offline; operational status; and operational mode as well as other high-level information. There is no limit to how many pumps you have operating under an account; all of those pumps can be viewed via the dashboard and operated by accessing their individual control panels.

Can it integrate with node-red? And is there a list of all supported protocols?
This, and the underlying details would require sharing proprietary information which we are unfortunately unable to do. MasterflexLive users are able to access all functionality using either their web browser or mobile app.

As these pumps have Ethernet connections, can they also be controlled externally with external commands from TCP/IP Telnet window?
The MasterflexLive enabled pumps cannot be controlled with external commands from TCP/IP Telnet window. Telnet over Ethernet can be used with the Masterflex “Advanced Networking Drives” (the Masterflex drives that are equipped with either Profibus or EtherNet/IP communication protocols).

As it gets connections via Wi-Fi, does the Log of connectivity provided appear on the mobile App?
The Premium subscription level of MasterflexLive functionality does include access to the full operational history of devices under an account. Included in the operational history would be operational parameters, specific user, and time/date stamp. That data also resides in the cloud and is viewable via browser or app; also, it can be downloaded and is filterable to specific time frames.

Can you confirm the user security when using the app? Is there just one user allowed per app?
(referring to the app that is used to control the pumps) Multiple users or admins can be logged into an account at the same time as long as they are recognized account users with the correct user ID and valid password.

Masterflex General Questions

Masterflex I/P - does a head sensor stop when the pump head is open to stop the drive motor?
The Masterflex Open-Head Sensor technology functions such that when the pump head is opened the drive motor will immediately shut down. The user will not be able to restart the drive until the pump head is closed. We also have the option of a Leak Detection System, which will detect any fluid leakage from the tubing, a filter, or elsewhere in the fluid path and immediately stop the pump.

Does Masterflex have a pump (or pumps) that can accept a digital input to activate and start pumping?
Options for remote input/output (I/O) include analog signals via mA and V; RS-232 serial control; USB; Ethernet/RJ-45; EtherNet/IP; profibus; and MasterflexLive (cloud control) via either a cabled RJ-45 connection or Wi-Fi.

How many tubing formulations do you provide for the Masterflex peristaltic pumps?
We have up to 22 different formulations of Masterflex pump tubing available for Masterflex pumps.

What is the maximum pressure-head that the I/P process pump can provide? Is it possible to provide the data on the peak pressure head of the I/P pump?
The maximum pressure head is dependent on the tube size and bore utilised, so when addressing this question we would have to ask why. The peak pressure head will occur when the roller has fully occluded the tube in the pumphead and started to move the pillow of liquid along, when in contact with the pumphead track. In terms of the pressure we rate the tubing, and not based on the track/roller movement. The I/P tubing dependent on what size is utilised can offer pressures from 1.4 barg on the largest sizes to 2.7 barg on the smallest size (size in terms of tubing bore).

While doing SIP (Steam in Place) of tube is it necessary to remove the tube from the pump head?
Is it necessary to turn on pump during SIP of tube? It is necessary in most cases to only open the pump head to allow the free flow of steam through the fluid path. Opening the pump head releases all of the rollers from the tubing and allows free flow.

Will there be any IQ/OQ available for the Masterflex pump?
This is something we are actively working to improve and expand. We do have customizable templates established that can then be modified by the end user to the specifics of their installation and application. Contact your Masterflex dealer or representative for more information on this.