GE Sensing DPI 620 Multifunction Calibrator

DPI 620 Multifunction Calibrator Product Overview


DPI 620 Multifunction Calibrator Product Features

  • Multifunction capabilities including electrical, frequency, temperature, and pressure
  • Complete HART communicator included
  • Color touchscreen

Video Transcript

The DPI 620 combines a multifunction calibrator, fully-featured HART communicator, and an industrialized PDA in a single compact and robust field instrument. With the Atex IECEx approved version, it can be used in all hazardous zones.

The DPI 620 is a high accuracy reference standard calibrator that measures and sources milliamps (mA), volts (V), Ohms (Ω), frequency (Hz, kHz), thermocouples, RTDs, and pressure (bar,psi). It has a large color touchscreen that can be configured to show a single measurement for multimeter type applications, a source and a measurement window for instrument calibrations, or up to 6 reading for more complex applications and diagnostics.

GE DPI 620 mulitfunction calibrator

The DPI 620 simplies common tasks to save time and reduce errors. Set up for an application is simply a matter of choosing the input or output parameters. For example to test the temperature transmitter, set a thermocouple or a RTD output, a milliamp measurement with 24 volt loop power. These set of configurations can be saved making it even easier next time.

Testing switches, trips, and alarms is notoriously difficult due to the dynamic nature of the devices. But the DPI 620 automates the process for quick and accurate results.

The DPI 620 provides all the tools for testing, maintaining, and calibrating field devices in one easy-to-use compact instrument.

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