Masterflex Pumps Impervious to Abrasive Fluids Gentle On Shear-Sensitive Pigments and Coatings

Gregg E. Johnson, Sr. Global Product Manager, Masterflex Bioprocessing, USA.

SemiconductorFor many paint and coating manufacturers, production line changeouts often means costly downtime because technicians must first strip and clean the pumps. Many materials used in paint and coating production are highly viscous, making them difficult to transfer. They can be highly abrasive as well, often bringing missed schedules and costly downtime due to breakdowns from excessive pump wear. Many pigments are also extremely shear sensitive and susceptible to the shearing action of gear or centrifugal style pumps, which can cause unwanted foaming.

A versatile pump

Masterflex® pumps are versatile, high-performance peristaltic pumps that are designed to efficiently handle a wide range of applications – from shear sensitive pigment pumping to highly abrasive, viscous material transfer. Masterflex pumps never need to be cleaned or serviced between production changeouts because the material is always contained within the pump’s flexible tubing. Changing out the tubing is a simple procedure that takes less than a minute – then reuse the tubing next time that fluid is being used.

Quick changeovers

Masterflex peristaltic pump systems are impervious to highly abrasive fluids and gentle on shear-sensitive materials such as color pigments and varnishes. Because of the pump’s high suction lift capabilities, users can even pump straight from containers. Quick changeovers for short runs are made simple with an easy hose change. To efficiently meet the industrial application requirements for paints, resins and coatings, latex, polymers, cellulose acetate, adhesives, sealants, dyes, dispersing agents, and more, Masterflex pumps are the answer.

Precise & flexible flow control for paint & coatings production

Masterflex pump 77111-00 The Masterflex B/T® Rapid-Load® pump head makes tubing changes quick and simple – occlusion is set when the pump head door is closed.

Masterflex pumps are highly versatile pumping systems, optimally designed for virtually all industrial paint and coating applications, from shear-sensitive pigment pumping to highly abrasive, viscous material transfer. Masterflex pumps provide a well-balanced range of capacities and flexibility combined with excellent repeatability and optimal chemical resistance to provide for precision, high reliability and long-term operation. Unlike rotary lobe, centrifugal and other pump designs, Masterflex pumps have no check valves, seals, diaphragms or other components in the fluid stream – the fluid does not come into contact with the pump itself, only inside the tubing. The pump’s non-intrusive design provides a straight flow path with no dead flow areas for fluids to agglomerate, harden, and contaminate the production run. To maintain productivity, fluid changes can be extremely fast by simply changing out the pump’s flexible tubing – it takes typically less than a minute.

Volumetric Efficiency

The innovative peristaltic design of Masterflex pumps ensures high volumetric efficiency and highly viscous materials-handling capability while maintaining the product integrity of shear- sensitive fluids. The pumps are also fully reversible and have variable speed control, eliminating waste by draining pigment stations, further minimizing changeover time.

Fast changeovers, reduced downtime

  • The Masterflex pump lines offer pumping capacities from 0.001 mL per minute up to 175 gpm
  • With adjustable 650:1 resolution, bidirectional flow and self-priming capabilities, Masterflex pumps provide for smooth, seamless flow
  • Gentle peristaltic method of pumping prevents surging and will not damage shear- sensitive pigments and coatings
  • Masterflex pumps are extremely flexible with paint viscosities
  • Masterflex pumps produce very little heat, compared to gear pumps, protecting the integrity of temperature-sensitive coatings and finishes
  • Peristaltic design means no valves, glands or seals to clean or wear out
  • Requires very little maintenance to keep in peak operating condition
  • Pumps have an accuracy of ± 0.5 or better, manually adjustable speeds of 1-to-650 rpm, and flow rates from a few fluid ounces to multiple gallons per minute
  • Pump acts as its own check valve. When the pump stops, the tube stays shut, with no siphoning or dribbling!
  • motor drive (rated for continuous duty) and roller and ball bearing pump head construction produce a robust, powerful pump ideal for long-term operation
  • Self-priming for instant startup. And high suction lift provides for operating flexibility. The pump will also operate dry without damage!
  • From bulk storage system to point of delivery and back again, pumped paint, coatings and other finishes remain safely contained within the pump’s tubing, providing a high performance metering solution with no lengthy downtime or clean up hassles
  • A wide range of superior tubing material is available for most any application
  • High suction lift provides quick ramp up from no-flow condition to the desired set point

Masterflex pump 77111-60 Whether it be for pumping shear- sensitive pigments or for highly abrasive, viscous material transfer, Masterflex pumps are the ideal choice for today’s paint & coatings applications.