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In the InnoCal Lab, metrologists are on a mission to keep your equipment accurate adn running smoothly. Since 1991, InnoCal has server thousands of customers helping them meet quality and regulatory requirements by calibrating Test and Measurement Equipment for a variety of industries including research, aerospace, pharmaceutical, utilities, and manufacturing industries.

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Accreditd by A2LA, in accordance with ISO 1702.5 and ANSI Z540 requirements, ensures compliance with ISO, the FDA, USDA, EPA, GLPs, cGMPs, and other quality standards. InnoCal's NIST-Traceable calibration report includes: as found, as left data, estimated measurement uncerntainty, and test uncertainity ratios, everytime at no additional charge. You'll also see clear identification of the device tested, condition of the item received, calibration procedure and date, list of standards used, environmental conditions during the test, electronic signature of technician and quality reviewer.

InnoCal calibrates and repairs alomst any meter, controller, calibrator, recorder, or generator

Essentially, InnoCal provides NIST-Traceable calibration for air velocity, calibrating hot wire and vane Anemometers in our state-of-the-art wind tunnel.


from wall-mount thermal hydrometers to multi-probe handheld instruments using chilled mirror technology to test from 5% to 95% relative humidity.


Using high-end calibrators includes multimeters, current clamp meters, oscilloscopes, meggers, decade boxes and more.


Using computerized standards to calibrate air gas, gas mass, and liquid flowmeters gage absolute and vacuum pressures on transducers, modules, barometers, and gauges.


Including liquid and glass thermometers, thermocouples, RTDs, PRTs, infrared, data loggers, and bi-metal and dial thermometers.

Rotational Equipment

Including technical and mechanical tachometers, stroboscopes, peristaltic pumps, pump drives, and centrifuges.

We also provide NIST-Traceable Calibration for dimensional, force, hydrometers, pH, refractometers, sound, timers and stopwatches, torque, balances, pipettes. For calibrations InnoCal offers 3 times the services to fit your needs. New instrument calibrations and recalibrations in our laboratory. Purchase your instrument from Cole-Parmer and or Davis Instruments and have your device calibrated before it is shipped. Go to or for calibration pricing

To recalibrate your instrument no matter where you bought it - just ship it to us. We'll clean, calibrate, and return it to you with documentation plus we'll remind you when your next scheduled calibration is due. If you are located in the Chicago area or have a large volume of calibrations, our highly trained technicians can come to you through InnoCal's onsite services. InnoCal also handles electrial and mechanical repairs. Our factory trained technicians with more than forty-five years of combined experience diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair lab and industrial instruments.

To best complete your repairs, we maintain an extensive library of service manuals, engineering guides, and schematics.

Precision. Quality. Integrity. Choose InnoCal for innovative calibration solutions to meet your measuring and test equipment needs