Masterflex 91 B/T Tube Loading

How to Load Tubing into a Masterflex B/T Peristaltic Pump

The Steps

How-to and tips for loading tubing in a Masterflex B/T Series Peristaltic Pump

  1. Attach fittings and clamps to the tubing
  2. Place tubing on the outside of the retainer using the Locator Marks
  3. Wrap tubing around the rotor
  4. Bring it out the bottom port
  5. Pull the tube slightly
  6. Push it into the bottom retainer
  7. Close the door

Notice the tubing to walk slightly outside of the retainer as you close the door.

Masterflex B/T Fixed-Speed Wash-Down Peristaltic Pump

Video Transcript

Know Before You Load

Let's take a look at the B/T Drive's many new features: an easy to open latch, a safety switch for when the doors open - the drive will stop, the occlusion bed will retract when the door is open to allow you to remove the tubing easily and safely, new tubing retainers - this will hold the tubing in place when you wrapping the tubing around the rotor and entering it into the bottom port.

Before starting to load the tubing, I find that it helps to align one of the rotors with the center of the occulsion bed . Notice when the door closes the occlusion bed will move forward. This will push an excess pumping tubing to the outside of the pump head thus giving you better flows and longer life.

Loading the Tubing

We're going to be using perfect position tubing. This persitaltic pump is compatible with many different tubing materials, but there are only two sizes of tubing to remember: size 87 and size 91. Both ports are marked for which tubing goes on top and for which tubing goes on bottom. There are llocation markers to guides you when loading the tubing.

First put the tubing fittings and clamps, then load the tubing using the locator marks and place them on the outside of the retainer, wrap it around the rotor, and bring it out the bottom port, pull the tube slightly and push it into the bottom retainer, and close the door. As you push the door close you should notice the tubing will slightly walk to the outside of the retainers.

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