Masterflex® B/T® Tubing Life Characteristics

B/T® Tubing Life Characteristics

B/T Performance Data
for Norprene® Food, Silicone, and C-FLEX®
Tubing Formulations

Like the L/S® and I/P® tubing sizes, B/T® sizes B/T® 86, B/T® 88, B/T® 90, and B/T® 92 offer all the characteristics of the smaller size tubing styles at flow ranges up to 45 LPM (12 GPM). The graph below shows average tubing life while pumping water through a Rapid-Load pump head at 21°C (70°F).

For example, using this graph it can be determined that the expected average life of Masterflex B/T® 88 Norprene Food tubing at 100 rpm is over 1,000 hours.