Masterflex Connection Newsletter Vol.4-3 - Industrial Strength Pumps

Volume 4, Number 3, 2002
Feature Article

I/P® (Industrial/Process) Pumps
Ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications!

  • Flow range: 0.012 to 26 LPM
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Easy scale up from our L/S® pumps
  • Broad selection
  • Fixed- or variable-speed models
  • Modular or console
  • Digital or analog
  • Maintenance-free brushless motors
  • Does your fluid handling application require you to transfer large volumes of fluid quickly? Need a pump with a powerful motor? A system that is accurate, reliable and easy to use? Our Masterflex® I/P® line of tubing pumps is the perfect solution.

    Ruggedly built for reliability in even the toughest environments, and featuring powerful, heavy-duty motors, our I/P pump systems are ideal for a wide variety of industrial and process applications. Powerful I/P drives enable you to stack multiple pump heads, allowing you pump fluid at up to 26 LPM.

    Since these rugged I/P systems are made by Masterflex, scaling up from our L/S line of pumps is simple. Like our L/S pumps, I/P models feature similar controls and programming features, are simple to set up, easy to operate, and require little or no maintenance.


    Also, Masterflex I/P pumps offer the versatility of 14 tubing formulations, as well as a variety of pump heads and drives. This modular design allows you to swap out different heads and tubing to customize your system to your specific application. Need to create a new pump? Simply switch the pump tubing size or formulation, or change out the pump head.

    The I/P line offers a broad range of pumps to meet the needs of any process. Choose fixed-speed or variable-speed, modular or console, digital or analog, or wash-down pumps that can easily be hosed down after use. I/P drives come as self-contained units or with convenient separate controllers.


    For sanitary, easy-to-clean fluid transfer systems we offer stainless steel drives. Need to maximize fluid transfer rate? Simply stack multiple pump heads on a single powerful I/P drive. For eliminating maintenance, select our drives with brushless motors.

    Durability, ease-of-use, and versatility. You'll get it all from the I/P line of Masterflex tubing pumps.

    Typical Applications
  • Chemical Processing/Manufacturing
  • — Perfect for bulk transfer, filling and emptying drums, and dispensing, I/P tubing pumps offer a choice of 14 different I/P tubing formulations. This variety of tubing ensures compatibility with nearly any chemical.

  • Water Treatment
  • — I/P tubing pumps provide precise metering capabilities and allow you to easily pump viscous fluids. Select I/P pumps for chemical dosing, filtration, and polymer/flocculent metering.

  • Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology
  • — With I/P tubing pumps, the fluid only comes in contact with the tubing. Select a low shear I/P pump and high purity, sterilizable I/P tubing formulations for fermentation feed, media transfer, and vaccine production.

  • Food/Beverage
  • — Need to add vitamins to milk, flavoring to yogurt; need to dispense syrup or transfer soup? Select I/P pumps. They handle heterogeneous products, are easy to operate, clean, and maintain, and are very cost-effective.