Masterflex Connection Newsletter Vol.3-3 - New WASH-DOWN Pumps Introduced

Feature Article Volume 3, Number 3, 2001
Pumps Introduced

Two new wash-down pump systems have been added to the Masterflex® I/P® product line—the Stainless Steel/Chrome and the Bracket-Mounted Digital pumps. Both are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications.

I/P® Stainless Steel/Chrome
Wash-Down Pump

The Masterflex® I/P® Stainless Steel/Chrome pump is ideal for sanitary applications. It features a stainless steel controller that can be wall mounted and a chrome-plated motor that reduce particle entrapment and facilitate thorough cleaning. The variable-speed motor is reversible, allowing you to pump in either direction. Easily control speed with a single-turn potentiometer. Separate power switch enables you to maintain drive setting when turning pump on and off. Start-stop via IP65-rated wash-down footswitch. After use, simply wash down the IP56-rated motor and controller.

I/P stainless steel/chrome wash-down pump system features I/P controller
For a Complete System Order:
Controller 77990-10 (115VAC) or 77990-15 (230VAC), wash-down motor 77990-20, Easy-Load® pump head 77601-10, L/S® 73 Tygon LFL pump tubing 06429-73 or other Masterflex® I/P® 73 pump tubing, and a wash-down footswitch 07595-43 (optional).

I/P® Bracket-Mounted
Wash-Down Pump

The Masterflex® I/P® Bracket-Mounted pump features a wash-down motor and controller conveniently mounted on a stainless steel bracket. Built-in handles and a small footprint enable easy portability. The easy-to-read digital display shows flow rate, dispense volume, and drive rpm. Calibrate this pump for maximum accuracy. Ideal for dispensing single doses, repetitive volumes, or pumping continuously. Reversible motor allows you to pump in either direction. Remote control the pump via weather-resistant connection on controller. Keypad lock/unlock feature prevents accidents and tampering.

I/P bracket-mounted wash-down pump features digital drive
For a Complete System Order:
Bracket-mounted drive 07594-00 , Easy-Load® pump head 77602-10, I/P 73 Tygon LFL pump tubing 06440-73 or other Masterflex I/P 73 pump tubing, a wash-down footswitch 07595-43, hand-held remote 07592-83, or remote cable 77300-32.