I/P Digital Process Drive

Volume 4, Number 2, 2002
Feature Article

Masterflex® I/P® Digital Process Drive

Ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications!

  • Maintenance-free brushless motor

  • Use in process, production, or in the lab

  • Reliable operation

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • IP55-rated—simply hose down after use
  • It's 24-hour reliable, maintenance-free, easy to use, and much, much more. Introducing the NEW I/P® digital process drive from Masterflex® tubing pumps.

    I/P digital process drive 77420-00
    shown with High-Performance
    pump head 77600-62 and
    I/P 88 silicone tubing 96510-88

    This versatile drive can be used as a process digital flow pump or for a vast array of dispensing applications—on the production floor or in the process lab. Its brushless, reversible motor, controlled by a precise PWM digital signal processor, eliminates maintenance and reduces downtime.

    Ideal for accurate dispensing and remote operations at high flow rates, this all-purpose drive offers a flow range of 0.01 to 26 LPM. Select dispensing by volume (liters or gallons), copy (up to 999,999 cycles), or by time (up to 999,999 seconds per dispense).

    Use any of three I/P pump heads—High-Performance, Easy-Load® or Standard—and all I/P tubing formulations, sizes, and back pressures depending on your application.

    Two Easy-Load pump heads
    (shown above) or two Standard pump heads may be stacked
    to increase the drive's
    maximum flow rate.

    The controls are integrated with the motor into a single unit, and this IP55-rated wash-down drive features a 316 stainless steel housing. It's perfect for harsh chemical environments. After use, simply hose down to clean.

    Constructed of seamless stainless steel, the I/P digital drive features precision bearings and a heavy-duty keypad interface. This solid drive can be run seven days a week, 24 hours a day. New direct-drive brushless motor technology ensures maintenance-free operation and virtually no downtime. No gearbox means a quieter, more efficient pump system.

    For convenience, time-efficiency, and accuracy, the drive stores one user-specified calibration value per tubing size even when power is turned off. And, once programmed, there's no need to reprogram; it's saved indefinitely in the system.

    Accessories include a handheld remote, wash-down footswitch, and a caster kit that makes it easy to transport the drive.