Masterflex L/S Analog Console Drive

Masterflex Precision Variable Speed Drive Product Overview

Masterflex L/S Drive Features

Masterflex L/S Variable-Speed Peristaltic Pump Drive
  • Easy Pump Control
  • Sealed membrane keypad
  • Bright display of speed
  • Simple speed adjustment
  • Reversible motor
  • IP33-Rated Housing
  • Stackable and portable
  • Turn off power without changing speed setting
  • Accepts 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V signals
  • Can be used around the world

Video Transcript

Economical general purpose, The Masterflex L/S Precision Variable Speed Drive is a versatile performer in the laboratory, research, process, and many other diverse applications. Take a look at the pump drive's features: easily controlled functions on the sealed membrane keypad. Check drive speed with the bright 3-digit display of RPM. Adjust speed by toggling up or down on the keypad. Change and view flow direction with the push of a button. Easily switch to remote external control. The durable ABS and aluminum housing is IP33-Rated for easy wipe down. Pumps are stackable and can be transported easily with the convenient carrying handle.

Keep the speed setting while turning the pump on and off. Remotely control the drive via the rear DB 9 female connector. Control speed with a 4 to 20 milliamp (mA) or 0 to 10 volt (V) signal while start, stop, and flow direction are controlled via contact closure. For even more convenience, order the optional handheld remote, cable assembly, and foot switch controls.

Handheld Remote Driver Controller
Cable Assembly for Remote Drive Control
Peristaltic Pump System Accessories

Drives can be used around the world. They run on input power from 90 to 260 volts (V) AC and are tested to ETL standards and carry the CE mark. Choose from three peristaltic pump drive models from the Masterflex L/S Precision Variable Speed Drives. The three models (07528-10, 07528-20, 07528-30) off various speed ranges and flow rates. All models are compatible with all Masterflex L/S pump heads and L/S tubing formulations. Pump heads include the: Easy Load Two, High-performance, Multi-channel, and PTFE tubing.

Masterflex L/S Peristaltic Pump Drive - 600 RPM Speed, 3400 mL/min Flow Rate
Masterflex L/S Peristaltic Pump Drive - 300 RPM Speed, 1700 mL/min Flow Rate
Masterflex L/S Peristaltic Pump Drive - 100 RPM Speed, 580 mL/min Flow Rate

Masteflex, the best value in peristaltic pumps on the market. These peristaltic pumps are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Simply change tubing for contamination-free cleaning. Make your next pump a Masterflex peristaltic pump. To assist you Cole-Parmer provides exceptional technical expertise.

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