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How to Perform a Spectrum Scan with a Jenway UV Visible Spectrophotometer

The Scan Steps

This video provides a step by step overview of peforming a spectrum scan using the Jenway 72 Series Spectrophotometer.

  1. Select Spectrum on the touch screen display of the spectrophotometer
  2. Select Start Wavelength to enter required wavelenght
  3. Select End Wavelength to enter required wavelength
  4. Place blank sample into the sample chamber
  5. The select Blank to peforme a blank measurement
  6. When measurement is complete, remove the blank sample and replace with the sample that is to be measured
  7. Select Read to measure the sample
  8. Select post measurement Tools icon
  9. Select the Spectral Points Analysis icon
  10. Touch the screen to select the point of interest
  11. Press the Add Points icon to add to the table. Up to 50 can be selected
  12. Select the Table icon to view the selected points
  13. To print or save the points touch the Overflow icon

Now you are set to begin scanning on your own using a Jenway Scanning UV Visibile Spectrophotometer

Jenway 72 Series Scanning UV Visible Spectrophotometer

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