Masterflex L/S Standard pump heads help to eliminate the spread of diseases in toilet wastewater

Masterflex® L/S® Standard pump heads help to eliminate the spread of diseases in toilet wastewater

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Many of the Asian countries have been experiencing outbreaks of diseases such as SARS for quite some time now. To combat the spreading of disease-carrying bacteria, the Hong Kong Productivity Council has invented the Handy Toilet Waste Disinfection System. This small, portable, bathroom sewage sanitation system is used to reduce the opportunity for diseases, caused by the bacteria in the sewage water, to occur.

The system uses two Masterflex® L/S® Standard pump heads to accurately dispense 700 mL of sodium hypochlorite into the toilet wastewater. The senior consultant of the Environmental Division of the Hong Kong Productivity describes the process as such: “This sanitation system is connected to the water tank. Therefore, when a person flushes the toilet there is a sensor in the tank that sends a signal back to the system to inject the disinfectant into the toilet wastewater”.

Once the sodium hypochlorite is dispensed, it takes affect within 5 seconds and kills 99.999% of the bacteria in the wastewater, specifically E-Coli. This system is installed in the Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong and is proven effective in eliminating the bacteria in their toilet wastewater, reducing the amount of disease spread throughout the hospital. Hence, it is being installed in many of the other area hospitals, specifically within the infectious disease sections of the hospitals.

Not only is this an excellent system within the hospitals but due to the ease of use in re-filling the disinfectant tank and the portable size, this is also suitable for use in nursing homes, clinics, and even personal homes.

Use the Masterflex L/S Standard pump heads to dispense disinfectants for many other applications, whether in a hospital or a home!