Environmental Applications

Masterflex® Environmental Applications

Portability and convenience are built into every Masterflex® environmental sampling pump. Choices of hand-operated, DC, or AC systems facilitate simple, accurate sample collection. The suction lift and non-invasive/non-contaminating designs of our pump heads and tubing enable true sample collection.

Applications-Partial list
Chemical drum sampling S Enzyme isolation
Composite sampling
Contaminated ground water
Fertilizer applications
Greenhouse watering
Pesticide delivery systems
Sewage/sludge analysis
Tree spraying
Wastewater sampling
Water salinity analyzers
Water treatment

Non-contaminating Samples collected only contact inside diameter (ID) of tubing.
Self-primingSuction lifts up 8.8 m (29 ft) H20
Runs dry Pump is not damaged when left unattended.
Wide range of tubing materialsCompatible with water or waste samples.
Easy clean-upSimply change the tubing to clean the pump.
Reversible Purge and collect sample with one pump.
Excellent chemical compatibility Use with a wide range of chemicals and for a wide range of applications.
Modular designMix and match pump heads, tubing and DC, AC, or hand-operated drives.
OEM packagesDesign into your water sampling or analytical equipment.