Research & Development Applications: An Overview

Typical Masterflex® Research & Development Applications

Masterflex® tubing pump systems are ideal for research and development. The pumps are very easy to load and extremely versatile for use in the laboratory or process areas. Repeatability is excellent for low volume dispensing and metering applications, and, under most conditions, the valveless design eliminates clogging and siphoning of fluid. These modular systems allow you to use one pump drive for many applications.

Applications-Partial list
Acid/base dispensing
Carboy transfer
Liquid Chromatography
Coolant circulation in low temp baths
Desiccator air circulation
Distilled water transfer
Filling station pump
Filtration pumps
Flow analysis
Flow injection analysis
Gas sampling system
Gel column pump
Gradient pump
Infusion pump for tissue
Injection metering pump
Liquid phase chemiluminescence
Magnetic particle separation
pH acid/base metering
Spectrophotometer pump
Transfer pump-circulating baths
Toxicology assays (salt solutions)

Modular design Mix/match pump heads, tubing and drives for many applications.
Non-contaminatingFluid media only touches inside of tubing.
Wide range of tubing materialsCompatible with numerous laboratory chemicals.
Multichannel capability Use up to 8 channels simultaneously on one drive.
Easy clean-upSimply change the tubing to clean the pump.
Easily sterilizedSterilize via ethylene oxide, gamma radiation or autoclave.
High accuracy dispenserCalibrate digital drives for accuracies up to 0.5%.
Low cell disruptionCirculate cell tissue with minimal damage (low shear).
Remote controlInterface with PC or other analytical instruments.