Masterflex Tubing Formulations

Masterflex Tubing Formulations

The right material is crucial when building your Masterflex pump system. Consider all aspects of your application: chemical compatibility, operating temperature, pressure, necessary regulatory approvals, gas permeability of the tubing, and cleaning/sterilization requirements. These considerations are among those discussed in the specification sheets for each formulation.

More specific information on chemical compatibility, material life, gas permeability, pressure/vacuum/suction generation, and viscosity handling charactersitics can be found in the Technical Info section.

  • BioPharm Plus Silicone (platinum-cured)
  • Pharmed®
  • Tygon LFL
  • Silicone (platinum-cured)
  • Silicone (peroxide cured)
  • C-Flex
  • Norprene food
  • BioPharm Silicone (platinum-cured)
  • Tygon food
  • Tygon lab
  • Norprene
  • Tygon Fuel and Lubricant
  • Viton®

  • Special Needs?

    Trouble finding a formulation to meet your difficult chemical compatibility needs? Contact our Applications Specialists about these two possible solutions.

    PTFE Tubing A peristalitic pump head that uses PTFE tubing is available.

    Tygon 2075 This tubing is specifically formulated to handle organic solvents or other aggressive chemicals.