Masterflex Customer Testimonials:Mobile Masterflex Diss-Washer

Mobile Masterflex Diss-Washer® system cleans dissolution testers on-the-spot in half the time

Emilio Cacho, Projects Manager at , does on-site technical support for customers in Puerto Rico. One particular pharmaceutical customer tests the dissolution of tablets using a dissolution tester. During one of Emilio’s visits, the customer happened to be cleaning the tester. Emilio realized that this cleaning process was time-consuming, cumbersome, and a serious safety hazard. After each application, the customer had to move the tester well to a sink, drain it, wash it, and then return it to its original place. There had to be a way to wash these testers without moving them.

Emilio had an idea! “I suggested that my customer purchase a MASTERFLEX DISS-WASHER. The DISS-WASHER eliminates the need to actually move the dissolution tester to the sink for cleaning. Instead, you simply roll the DISS-WASHER up to the tester, drain it, hose it down, and you're ready for your next application.”

According to Emilio, the customer was very enthusiastic about this new process. The DISS-WASHER cut wash time in half and decreased the amount of distilled water needed to clean the tester. It also surpassed all TOC sanitary standards.

Cut your wash time in half! Add a MASTERFLEX DISS-WASHER to your cleaning process.

Cleaning a dissolution tester...not a problem anymore!