PCRmax Alpha Cyclers

Simplified Optimization with PCRmax Alpha Cyclers - Video


"Ease of use backed up with superior performance"

  • First-run optimzation
  • Program Wizard
  • Generate custom programs
  • Input primer sequence
  • Template and special considerations
  • Finalized custom protocol
  • Password protecte logins
  • USB login
  • Gradient temperature and controlable ramp rates
PCRmax Alpha Cycler 4 Thermal Cycler, Quad 96-Well

These entry-level compact thermal cyclers deliver reproducible results every run — with little to no training needed. Features include a clear responsive touch screen, secure user-specific programming, adjustable heated lid, active sample cooling for sharper amplification, and password-protected login via USB connectivity. A Program Wizard generates a protocol specific to your sequence in seconds — a quick way to optimize new assays. These thermal cyclers also retain approximately 1000 reports for reviewing at a later date and run on a HD Android™ tablet interface.er date and run on a HD Android™ tablet interface.

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