PCRmax Eco 48 Real-Time System

The Most Accurate Block Based qPCR Platform - Video

PCRmax Eco 48 Real-Time System Summary

The PCRmax Eco 48 Real-Time System is the world's most accurate block based qPCR platform. It is application driven, MIQE compliant, offers HRM functionality, has simple foud color multiplexing, and has high uniformity.

PCRmax Eco 48 realt-time qPCR system

The PCRmax real-time system for quantitative PCR (qPCR) is calibrated for SYBR®, FAM™, HEX™, VIC™, ROX™, and CY®5 flourescent dyes. Patented ALC specifically tunes light emission foo Zero Cross Talk, Maximum Dynamic Rnage of 1 copy to great than 9 dynamic logs, zero change of detector saturation,and four color full plate read in 6 seconds.

It's accurate! No temperature variation means more accurate results. The PCRmax Eco 48 offers ±0.1°C uniformity at 95°C with 0 sec settle time. A hollow liquid filled block means no hot or cold spots on the block. It can do forty cycles in forty minutes with optimized runs down to fifteen minutes. The HRM melt analysis is a class IV detection with greater than 99% confidence.

This real-time qPCR system is intuitive to use. It features an icon driven user interface, data quality is ensured with advanced algorithms, and is MIQE compliant. Get user-friendly data anaylsis with real-time data collection and the ability to create custom reports into CSV or PDF files. An ergonomic plate loading dock allows for quick loading of the plate and is backlit for clear visibility. Plate adapter fits standard centrifuge rotors.

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