Sterile Scoops with Lids

Easily Scoop and Transfer Samples Neatly

Cole-Parmer Essentials Sterile Sampling Scoops, With Lid, PS, 2 oz (60 mL); 50/CS

Watch how these sterile polystyrene (PS) sampling scoops with lids can eliminate messes in the lab. You can neatly scoop samples out of a plastic bottle, immediately secure samples with the snap-on lid, and then neatly pour samples (jellybeans in this example) into a wide-mouth bottle.

The scoop’s snap-on lid allows you to use it as a container for safely transporting samples. The long handle lets you easily retrieve samples from wide-mouth bottles and other containers, minimizing the potential of personal contact with sampled material. The handles are also curved at the bottom to provide a more secure grip.

As shown, all scoops are individually packaged and easy to open.