Solenoid Valves and Viscous Fluids

Volume 3, Number 1, 2001
Viscous Fluids are No Match For These Solenoid-Operated Pinch Valves

Are you pumping fluids that are difficult for traditional solenoid valves to control, such as viscous fluids? Our solenoid-operated pinch valves are the perfect solution. Choose from Masterflex® 2-way and 3-way valves.

  • Ideal for on/off flow control applications and where frequent changes of wetted parts are necessary
  • Excellent choice for viscous fluids
  • Compatible with silicone, C-Flex®, and PharMed® tubing.
  • Two-way valves are available in both normally closed and normally open configurations.
  • Three-way valves accept two tubes; bottom tube is normally open, top is normally closed.

  • C-Flex-Reg TM Consolidated Polymer Technologies, Inc. PharMed-Reg TM Norton Co.

    Three-way valve 98305-00 is shown on a Masterflex® L/S® drive 07550-20 with an L/S® Standard pump head® 07017-21 using PharMed® tubing 06508-17.