Tygon Flexible Tubing for Peristaltic Pumps

Tygon Tubing for Peristaltic Pumps

Tygon® is a brand name for a family of flexible tubing consisting of a variety of base materials. The Tygon® soft wall tubing listed below is available as standard tubing (continous length) as well as stopper tubing for peristaltic pumps. Stopper tubing is compatible with MS/CA and CA cassettes for peristaltic pumps from Ismatec. Please refer to the individual product pages for detailed information on:

  • Composition on tubing material
  • Chemical resistance
  • Physical properties

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Tubing and Features

Tygon ST Softwall Tubing Tygon LFL Softwall Tubing Tygon 2001 Softwall Tubing Tygon MHLL softwall tubing Tygon F4040-A softwall tubing Tygon SI platinum Cured
Tygon® ST Tygon® LFL Tygon® 2001 Tygon® MHLL Tygon® F-4040-A Tygon® SI 3350
The inexpensive all round tubing for chemial laboratories The tubing with the longest service life of any clear Tygon tubing Transparent, plastisizer free tubing with superior pump life. Designed for MEK and other aggressive solvents. Chemically resistant to Acetone, MEK and other aggressive solvents. Long life tubing The special tubing for hydrocarbons, petroleum products and distillates The platinum-cured silicone tubing with an ultra-smooth inner surface for sanitary transfer of sensitive fluids.
PVC based thermoplast PVC based thermoplast Polyolefine High purity thermoplast PVC based thermoplast Thermal set rubber, Siloxane polymers and amophous silica, platinum cured
Plasticizer: yes Plasticizer: yes Plasticizer: no Plasticizer: no Plasticizer: yes Plasticizer: no
Service life: 35 hrs Service life: 800hrs Service life: 75hrs Service life: 800hrs Service life: 60hrs Service life: 200hrs
Transparent Transparent Plastisizer and oil free Plastisizer free Specially formulated to transport hydrocarbons, petroleoum products, and distillates Autoclaveable with steam
Resistant to almost all inorganic chemicals Broad chemical resistance Smooth inner bore Smooth inner bore Ideal for gasoline, kerosene, heating oils, cutting liquids and coolants based on glycols Bio-compatible
Smooth, polished inner wall Extremely low particulate spallation Low sorption maintains fluid and tube integrity Low sorption maintains fluid integrity High dielectric constant Extremely smooth inner surface
Low gas permeability Meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria Does not impart anything into the pumping medium Minimal adhesion and diffusion Low gas permeability Low level of protein binding
Non-aging and non-oxidizing Non-aging No release of hazardous materials when properly incinerated Suitable for MEK, Acetone and other corrosive solvents Non-tocic, non-hermolytic, non-pyrogenic
High dielectric constant High dielectric constant Long-life tubing Ozone, sunlight and radiation resistant
Resistant to fungus
OD: 1.95-22.3mm OD: 2.1-19.1mm OD: 2.18-22.3mm OD: 2.22-4.63mm OD: 2.07-19.1mm OD: 2.3-22.3mm
ID: 0.13-15.9mm ID: 0.27-15.9mm ID: 0.38-15.9mm ID: 0.38-15.9mm ID: 0.25-15.9mm ID: 0.51-15.9mm
-50 - 74°C -50 - 74°C -73 - 57°C -70 - 74°C -37 - 74°C -60 - 200°C
FDA 21 CFR 175.300 FDA 21 CFR 175.300; US Pharmac. Class VI FDA 21 CFR 177.2600; FDA approved for contact with foods FDA 21 CFR 177.2600; US Pharmacopoeia Class VI none FDA 21 CFR 177.1550; US Pharmac. Class VI
for more information please see individual product pages