As Easy as T-D-S!

As Easy as T-D-S!

Water conductivity testing made simple

Water conductivity testing
If yours is like most facilities that process water or wastewater, measurements for conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS) play a prominent role in your everyday routine. Such readings are vital to monitoring the quality of water in processes like deionization, reverse osmosis and distillation, and often prove invaluable in the protection of processing and storage equipment prone to scale buildup or corrosion.

With so much riding on your readings, you might be prone to rely on the panel-mounted controllers that work so well under normal conditions. But these units are not portable, and may not be able to provide measurements in every isolated portion of your system. So, it only makes sense to opt for a measuring device that provides accuracy and dependabilty in a versatile, handheld format. These units are available in a variety of models that allow for measurements of conductivity, TDS or resistivity, and for combinations of readings, including with or without pH or DO.

When testing for conductivity, one of your primary concerns is to ensure that you have the proper conductivity cell constant for the range and sample you intend to measure. Different cell constants are available, allowing one instrument to measure a wide range of samples. If it's difficult to make certain the proper cell is used each time, handheld instruments are available with built-in cells that function for a specific range and take the guesswork out of cell selection.

Portable OAKTON® TDSTestrs are perfect for spot checks. They offer a handy, ergonomic design, and fit easily into your pocket. With automatic temperature compensation (ATC), they provide quick, reliable results. The Valox housing and stainless steel electrodes provide excellent chemical compatibility and durability. Select the range that you need and you're ready to measure—there's no need to worry about selecting the proper cell.

For more information on conductivity testing and product selection, see the Technical Library.

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