Reduce your Risk! Simplified Cloud Monitoring with TraceableLIVE®

TraceableLIVE - remote monitoring from the cloud

TraceableLIVE is a cloud-based, subscription software solution for connected data logging devices that sends alerts when an out-of-range condition, lost network connection, low battery charge, or device for calibration is detected.

Notifications for peace of mind

TraceableLIVE Voice Call & SMS Text

Get a call to a mobile or landline phone.

TraceableLIVE Voice Call & SMS Text

Subscribe to the TraceableLIVE Premium service and use your Apple Watch® to access your Traceable devices, receive notifications, and much more.

TraceableLIVE Voice Call & SMS Text

Push notifications on screen via the TraceableLIVE app.

TraceableLIVE Voice Call & SMS Text

Know what’s happening in your fridge or freezer, even when you’re at your desk.

Try out the live demo

Take TraceableLIVE for a test drive and see how it can help you secure temperature-sensitive vaccines, medications, and samples while maintaining regulatory compliance.

TraceableLIVE Try out the Demo
TraceableLIVE is NEW and IMPROVED

TraceableLIVE cloud-based remote monitoring software service available on select products

Simple Setup

1. Buy a Traceable data logger compatible with TraceableLIVE cloud service.
2. Download app.
3. Scan QR code.
4. Start monitoring.

Guide to set up and connect TraceableLIVE (PDF)

Choose one of two plans, TraceableLIVE Subscription or Activation Code


A subscription gives you uninterrupted access to TraceableLIVE. It requires a credit card on file for your monthly subscription payments with the option of automatic annual renewal. This can be added within the TraceableLIVE application.

Activation Code

An activation code is the perfect option if you are using a purchase order or prefer a one-time payment. Simply add the activation code of your choice to your cart and pay for the full year of TraceableLIVE at checkout. You will then receive your code and instructions in the mail to get started.

  Free Account Standard Account Premium Account
Pricing Free MONTHLY - $8.99 per device
YEARLY - $100 per device
MONTHLY - $14.99 per device
YEARLY - $165 per device
Users Only one admin Unlimited admins and users Unlimited admins and users
Max Devices 3 No limit (each device must have subscription) No limit (each device must have subscription)
Data Storage 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
Push to mobile app
SMS X $2 per device add on
Escalations - Setup chain notifications to ensure an alarm event X X
Calibration due, battery level, connection status, ect.
Notification check up X
Standard, built-in report types
Yearly X
Recurring X X
Device Templates      
Built-in SPEX X
Built-in ZEPTO X
User defined custom templates X X
Mobile application for iOS and Android
Apple watch app X
CFR 21-Part 11 Compliance & Annex 11 for Europe X X ✓ with audit history