Jenway Genova Bio UV VIS Spectrophotometer Measures Wavelength in Under 3 Seconds


You must see the new Jenway Genova Bio UV visible spectrophotometer. With scanning diode array technology, this fast and easy instrument measures wavelength range simultaneously in a flash — under 3 seconds. This spectrophotometer is great if you are in molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, or have a cell biology application. You can equip your lab with a state-of-the-art, reliable spectrophotometer at an affordable price.

How does the Genova Bio spectrophotometer work?

This UV VIS spectrophotometer leverages scanning diode array technology, which uses electrical scanning to measure the wavelength range (198 nm to 800 nm) simultaneously in under three seconds. Ideal where multiple wavelengths are required for purity ratios. The instrument features a small footprint and large intuitive color touch-screen interface for simple operation in the lab. It is compatible with a wide range of small volume cuvettes, making it an excellent tool for measuring the purity and concentration of DNA, RNA and other biological samples. To optimize sample preparation, the Genova Bio is preprogrammed with methods for the quantification of nucleic acids and proteins. The instrument also has a preprogrammed method for measuring the optical density of bacterial cell cultures such as E. coli and yeast cells, enabling scientists to measure cell growth before cell harvesting.

For more information about the Jenway Genova Bio , call our product specialists at 1-800-323-4340 or browse our comprehensive selection of spectrophotometers and spectroscopy instruments.

2 Comments on "Jenway Genova Bio UV VIS Spectrophotometer Measures Wavelength in Under 3 Seconds"

  1. DEVANSH SHARMA | January 11, 2020 at 9:04 am | Reply

    Is this instrument can be used for analysing the uv absorption of particles and dyes?
    Also, can we connect it thourgh computer using software?

    • Hi Sharma:
      Thank you for reaching out about the Jenway Genova Bio UV/Vis Spectrophotometers. Your question has been forwarded to one of our technical experts. They will be reaching out to you shortly. If you need immediate attention, please feel free to call your local Cole-Parmer representative. You can find that information on our website:

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