Metals Digestion Webinar: How to Improve Throughput, Accuracy & Consistency

Environmental Express HotBlock for Metals Digestion

Plus, learn clean and safe sample preparation for metals digestion

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Time: 35 mins presentation, 25 mins Q&A – 1 hour total

Heavy metals testing is used to substantiate environmental safety; metals are not naturally bio-transformed and continue to persist in our surroundings. As heavy metal toxicity is associated with several health risks, there are regulatory limits placed on their presence in soil, water, food, and feed.

If you work in an environmental testing facility or utilize these services, you must be aware of the challenges faced when conducting metals testing in environmental samples. Sub-par and inconsistent processing can often cause confusion, frustration and delays to your important projects.

We have developed a range of innovative tools that can be leveraged for clean and safe metals digestion. Automate parts of your workflow, save time and obtain accurate metals detection data.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Reduce contamination to obtain clean and precise results
  • Save time – improve throughput with efficient control and monitoring solutions
  • Adapt to new workplace safety guidelines
  • Opportunity to submit questions to the panel


David Smith – Technical Director, Environmental Express

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina. He worked in a commercial environmental lab in Columbia, South Carolina, for 8 years. He has been with Environmental Express for the last 9 years. His primary roles include helping others with proper utilization of their equipment, method training, and working with product development. He has volunteered with the Standard Methods Committee since 2008

Nassima Galloway – Test & Measurement Category Manager

Nassima Galloway holds a Bsc in Biochemistry from the University of Manchester. She began her career working with Phenomenex and gained a lot of knowledge in HPLC/GC analytical chemistry. From then she worked with Kinesis / Cole-Parmer for 6 years and worked very closely with environmental testing laboratories in the UK and EMEA.


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